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How can i install Gutsy Gibbon Ubuntu using Wubi? I dont want to download the .iso file i have the live cd?

Please give all details i am new to Linux and also should i get gnome or Kde? Any tips does Kde have Compiz

I Have a PC Booting Problem?

Here is what happened. I found out about this thing called wubi so I installed it and it worked good. I installed beryl. I was having problems with screen resolution and frequency. So I edited the some file. Then I restarted my pc and when I select either Windows or Wubi the system stops working and restarts.I do not care about ubuntu. If I can not find a solution I will run a Linux Live CD, copy all my files tomy web server and MegaUpload. Then I will do system recovery. Is this the best solution. If there is a way to fix this please let me know. By the way I cannot boot windows in safe mode or any other mode. I would Really appreciate some help.

How should I install Ubuntu 9.10?

So…I’m very familiar with Linux and I’m a big fan. But the one problem I always had was the installation. When I get Linux, I have to use Wubi, because I don’t trust GRUB. When I did a normal install of Ubuntu 8.04, I got GRUB error 17…and couldn’t boot Vista. I’m not willing to give up Windows, I want to dual boot. Here were the steps I did to installing:

1. Shrunk the main hard disk and made a new simple volume out of it
2. Got my Live CD, booted it up and installed 8.10 on the new partition
3. When it finished, I couldn’t boot Windows! GRUB error. so i had to restore my pc to factory setting using a recovery cd

Here’s my question now: Since I have Windows 7 now, and Ubuntu 9.10 has some changes, will I still have all the boot problems, or should I just forget it and use Wubi?


PS: My specs are a NEW sony vaio vgn-ns laptop running windows 7 ultimate, 3 GB ram, 250 GB hard drive

Problem using linux on my laptop?

I’ve been trying to get linux to work on my laptop, that had windows vista pre-installed on it. I tried running ubuntu from the live cd, but it stayed stuck on the loading screen. Then I tried installing it using wubi, and after I rebooted, I got the same stuck loading screen. After 4 hours of waiting it out, it still didn’t get any further. So I downloaded fedora and tried to run it from a usb drive and cd, but both didn’t work either, I just got a black screen when trying to boot.
My laptop should be able to run it spec wise, it is only 2 months old. I’m using a MSI VX600.
I also tried out fedora and ubuntu my home pc, which has windows xp, and it worked fine. So it’s probably something with my laptop, but I wouldn’t know what…can anyone help me with this?

Linux Ubuntu Wubi vs. Live CD.?

What is the difference between Ubuntu’s Wubi and Live Cd? other than where they the data/info is stored ,
what are some of the adv and disadv. of each?