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Ubuntu Linux?

Why are they saying that Ubuntu Linux is the best OS in the world? At least some people are….

installing linux (ubuntu 8.04) help please!!!?

im a newbie in the linux world so bare with me.

i have an hp g60-12ous notebook pc
AMD Turion X2 Dual Core 64 RM-70
3.00 GB of Ram
nVidia geforce 8200
it has vista home premium as the OS it came with

im trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) (amd 64 bit architecture version) via live cd that is made. nothing is wrong with the cd since i was able to install it on a e-machines computer a couple months ago and the cd is FOR SURE is not corrupted or damaged in any way. my problem is that when it finished downloading the kernel and then the ubuntu logo finishes (with the organge bar), i get a message like this:

busybox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu7) Built-in shell (ash)
Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands


if there is anyone that can provide help such or instructions that can get me out of this problem successfully…not only will you get 11 points immediately, but appreciation will be given. hopefully, i can get some real answers…if your answering this question just for points…you will be reported…this is a serious question for me. thank you for your time and effort. :)

p.s.: i’ve already made space for ubuntu on the hard drive so don’t suggest that option thanks :)
sorry, i made a mistake on the messge i get. instead of the 7…its 12 next to the word “ubuntu”…sorry about that

I just download bt3 on to a live CD, and cant find out how to get my Wifi to work I am new to the Linux world

i typed in sudo lspci,but dont knopw what i have to look for

can i run ubuntu 7.10 with networking with xp from live cd?

i am sort of new in Linux world. i have download Ubuntu 7.10 desktop edition. now i want to boot that from cd. and i want to use internet when i am in Linux os. but i don’t want remove win xp from my pc which i have right now. i also do not want to separate my hard drive. is it possible to do that. or i have to separate my hard drive. and also, is Ubuntu 7.10 has beryl integrated. thnx

Linux will not shut down properly (Kubuntu, and Mandriva)?

I recently started to explore the world of linux by trying live Cds of both Kubuntu and Mandriva. All three times i have done this, My computer fails to shut down. I have to hard shut down.

Since hard shutting down a computer supposedly bad for it i am afraid to use linux any more.

It gets to the kill processes and then several fail and it just sits their. Then i have to do a hard shut down.

So A. I am not very tech smart so is their an easy way to fix this?

or B. Should i not worry about hard shutting down. (its a live disk so he hard drive shouldn’t be moving, right?)

Either way, an easy fix would be a god send