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Who can help me install linux?

they say linux is the safest OS ever. virus threats are less than windows. and it’s free? where can i download the OS for free? but they also say that some (or many) programs dont work on linux. So, i still wanna have my windows os for running important program, and have linux for the internet. can i have 2 different OSs in my laptop? how? tell me the details please? how do i make another partition for os with partition magic? guide me step by step. Im sick with this sucky windows where i always get spywares and viruses, i have to scan it over and over again, reformat, it’s really frustrating and f-u-c-k-i-n-g annoying (sorry). i always wanna crush my laptop every time it gets slower and slower because of viruses. i want linux. please help me.

windows and linux in my laptop???????

Can I install Ubuntu Linux along with windows XP and both still work ?

I want to try ubuntu linux. Can I install it on my pc without messing up my XP and so that I can choose either one when I start up my pc ?

lookin for computer software?

full version of win 98 or newer i have windows xp upgrade but my win 98 disk is scrached so bad it wont work so dose any one have any of the win 98’s full version os disk with the product key thay want to sell real cheap or give it free “lol”
ill pay shipping if so let me know how to get a hold of ya

installing ubuntu?

i have the ubuntu iso file saved to disk the rite way, ive booted to it before but that was when my computer was screwed up and it didnt work but it showed ubuntu boot screen, so how do i set my energy star bios to boot this disk, what are the exact steps?

Does the Windows Vista partition of “Disk Management” work for an Ubuntu installation?

I’ve heard that this partitioning is still full of bugs – has anyone any experience running it and installing Linux on the next partition?