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lookin for computer software?

full version of win 98 or newer i have windows xp upgrade but my win 98 disk is scrached so bad it wont work so dose any one have any of the win 98’s full version os disk with the product key thay want to sell real cheap or give it free “lol”
ill pay shipping if so let me know how to get a hold of ya

How Can I Recombine the Partitians on my Hard Drive?

Im running windows XP SP2, tried installing Linux on a separate partition on my HD, didnt like it, and re-installed XP. However I cant get rid of the partition I made for Linux, so now I only have about half of my HD to work with (the other half was for linux and it wont let use it when im running XP). How can I make it so i only have one partition on my HD, and i can use the whole thing instead of just half? Thanks!

my xp wont shutdown?

I go to start/ turn off computer/ turn off and box disappears like normal then i get nothing. The same is true with restart option.
My computer usually just powers down.

How to retrieve files on HDD using Ubuntu Live CD?

My computer wont boot up. Before I try to fix it, I want to backup some important files off my hard drive. They say you can do this by booting up with a Linux live cd and going into the hard drive from there. But when I go into Places->Computer my hard drives arent there. The only drives I see there are my DVD burner and “filesystem”
Im using a ubuntu 7.04 live cd. What am I doing wrong?

Why Wont Linux Burn to Disk Correctly?

I Downloaded Linux Mint and im trying to make it a bootable disk so i can run it as a live CD. I have wasted 4 CDs trying to burn it correctly but it will not open the file and run. Ive made the Disk Bootable, ive followed the Tutorials Exactly but it wont work. Help?