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wireless card not working right in linux…?

i am trying the live cd of fedora and my wireless card is working and picking up the wireless signal but it will not connect????

ps the wireless that i am using is not my wireless router.

Ubuntu Internet Connection?

I am new to linux. I am not new to computers. I am going to be running Ubuntu 8.04. My machine is a Dell D620. My wireless card is a Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card. Due to living circumstances, I have no access to the internet besides wireless.

Right now I am running wubi. I played around with Ubuntu enough to know that I like it and I want to make the switch. Can I download the linux drivers on my windows boot, put them onto a cd or flash drive, and then use them on my linux boot?

What is the best linux Distrobution?

I am a complete Linux Newb, I have little experience with linux, but I’m fed up with microsoft and proprietary software. I have a Sabayon Live CD, but is it worth installing the full 3.9GB version on my laptop? It has all the drivers I need, including the wireless card and touch pad drivers, so I won’t have to install them.

How do I get my wireless card working in Linux Mint 4.0?

I’m planning on switching from Ubuntu 7.04 to Linux Mint 4.0 and I’ve tried out the mint live cd and everything else is running fine. The restricted drivers manager has the atheros driver for my D-Link DWL-G510 rev. B card enabled just like in ubuntu but it says the device isn’t enabled, also in the network manager only the wired connection for my nic card appears. I need to be able to enable my wireless card before I install Mint.

Switching from Windows to Linux need help?

I am switching to Backtrack 3 from Linux. I downloaded the live and tried it out. I like it a lot better then windows. I couldn’t get it to use my built in wireless card in my laptop on the live cd. That was my only issue. I was wondering if that is because of the live cd or what would I need to do to get it to recognize it? I am new at using it so I think that is part of my problem.
I am a student in school for Information Technology. That is why I am using this Backtrack 3
realtek rtl8101e family pci-e fe nic
My nic card