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Help with spyware/virus issue.

When I log into WinXP I get a blue screen with a message that says Warning! Spyware detected on this computer! Install antivirus or antispyware program. It doesn’t let me get to the desktop. It doesn’t let me into Safe Mode. I can boot from a live linux cd and access the internet, but can’t find any virus scan that will work this way. Any ideas? And I also tried a repair install of XP, that didn’t work either.

What is the best way to run linux for academic research while maintaining WinXP on my laptop?

I am still new to linux/unix and I have been working with some fairly obscure academic research programs by SSHing to linux (Redhat and Solaris) servers through my laptop. I have had the administrators of the servers erase all my data once, and I want to have more control over my destiny. I have looked at using Live CDs/USBs, CoLinux, virtualizers, Cygwin, and dual-booting — but I don’t know which would be fast enough to run data/calculation intensive academic programs and also not make me destroy/re-install my current WinXP installation to do it.

Linux newbie here…Why won’t my LiveCD recognize both of my hard drives?

My WinXP hard drive recently crashed. I can still access it using my LinspireLive CD, but my slave drive doesn’t show up. My flash drive shows up as a dos disk, and my corrupted drive shows up as winxp, but my slave drive doesn’t show up at all. (I assume it would show up as a dos disk because there is no OS on it.) I tried booting up under Linspire Live without the flash drive plugged in, but the slave drive still did not show up. I would like to be able to move my important files from the corrupted drive to the slave drive. How can I get Linux to recognize my slave drive so that I can do this? (I’m relatively new to Linux so be gentle…LOL)

If winxp crashes or anyhow I am not able to access it can i recover data using ubuntu live cd? If yes how ?

please tell me step by step .. i m not an expert of linux
…thanks in advance

linux question?

ok, i currently only have winxp installed on my pc, but am using pclinuxos live cd, i have 2 questions first of all is there a better distro than this 1, and is there anyway to play media from the internet that is wmv format?