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Unbuntu? I have an old computer with windows xp on it what would be the best way to install unbuntu?

Hi, As as avid firefox user, I’m curious about other open source software availible. I’ve heard alot of good things about unbuntu and want to try it out. I have an older computer just sitting around, and want to know what I need to do to get unbuntu up and running. It has windows installed if I go to the ubunto website and download it will it automatically wipe windows off ?

What I need to know are the steps to take to properly download unbuntu, when windows is currently installed.

Thanks in advance

Help installing Linux?

Windows XP sucks big time. And Vista is too slow. This is the last straw and I am done with Microsoft. Can you guys give me some tips on how to install Linux? And another question. I have two other Hard Drives on my pc. After installing Linux, do I have to reformat those harddrives or will they be recognized? Or should i back up everything on dvds? Thanks.

Upgrading to Linux from Windows XP Pro.?

I used to look at Linux as a complete joke, but recently I have seen allot of people who used to use Windows XP and they now use Linux saying that it’s “superior”. I was wondering if I should upgrade to Linux or if I even can. I am currently running Windows XP Professional Edition. I am very unfamiliar with Linux and if someone could also explain how Linux operates (if it is more similar to Windows or Macintosh) and if I do upgrade then what version I should get. Once again I don’t even know if there are “versions” I am VERY foreign to Linux but am very interested and willing to learn about it.

How can i create an emergency boot disc in a CD-RW from my system in Windows XP?

How can i create an emergency boot disc in a CD-RW from my system in Windows XP?

windows vista upgrade…?

i want to revamp my desktop, im thinking about getting a dual core 64 bit cpu and motherboard. i have windows xp x64 pro that i have for my laptop.
can i use that version of windows to start on my desktop and just buy the vista upgrade, and avoid buying the whole vista operating system?