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BSOD on my inspiron 9400 every time it turns on.?

All right, today my laptop (inspiron 9400) running windows xp home edition randomly started giving me blue screen of death every time it’s turned on with this error (STOP 0x000000024 (0x00190203,0x87335828,0xc0000102,0x00000000), then later my cousin found the windows xp cd and every time we tried to use it we got this error (stop 0x000000078 (0xc0000005,0xf786a0bf,0xf7cb6208,0xf7cb5f08)
pci.sys-address f786a0bf base at f7863000,datestamp 3b7d855c), and we also tried using a live linux cd or something to be able to salvage some files to an external hard drive which is all I REALLY want to do then I’ll get my cousin to wipe it and install windows or linux on it again..but yeah, how can I salvage my files? I really need to know :(

how to uninstal windows?

I no its a strange question I have 3 different versions of windows installed and I need to get rid of 2 of them w/o reformating the hard drive I’m open to all answers even if it has to do with linux I’m veary fumilear with different types of operating systems and live cds. i have windows xp home edition installed along with 2 windows madia centers one of witch is still in the setup area while the outher one works. I can not get into windows xp home edition its missing/crupted “system32hal.dll” I replaced the file with a new one from a fresh copy of windows and still nouthing. again I’m open to all answers
their all on the same partion
thx I got one answer but I cant get into windows xp home edition at all so I cant do a restore when I try to load up in windows xp home edition it says”windows could not start becaus the following files is missing or crrupt:
please reinstall a copy of the above file”

I get a BSoD when loading windows??????

When I turn the computer ON and it boots up with Windows XP Home Edition, it just all of a sudden flashes up with the Blue Screen of Death, but only for half a second and i cant get a look at it?????

I got no idea whats going on, can someone please help me with easy steps.

I have tried using Safe Mode, and it goes through its precesses, then does the same thing, so I can’t access my computer any way, and i tried using a Live CD of Luit Linux that has been based on DAMN SMALL LINUX, and I cant access my files from Windows XP…..

The only reason im not just formatting it, is because I want to save the files on there because I need them really badly for work…..


im insatling windows xp home edition and i need help?

i built a computer with a pentium d dual core 3.2 ghz 250gb western digital hdd dvd burner and a gig of ram. i bought windows xp home edition and when i boot from the cd to install it it goes to the black screen then the blues wndows setup screen and loads things at the bottom. but sometimes it will stop and just stay there forever sometimes it wont even get to the blue screen, i noe its no the dvd drive because i’ve tried drives from other computers i know work and it does the same thing. also i tried a linux live cd and that worked fine. icalled microsoft but they said since it was OEM ineeded to pay $35 for them to help me.

What the HELL is wrong with my Hard Drive?

**Windows XP Home Edition**

Ok, that BSOD : UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME STOP: 0x000000ED.etc. Hard Drive failed/failing OR corrupt Boot.ini file.

Now. Here’s the thing: using some Linux Live CD’s I have been able to go and check what the problem is. When the saying “Failed HardDrive” Appears, i automaticly think that the harddrive is BUSTED! BUTT, when i go onto the Hard Drive’s folder on the Linux Live CD’s (/mnt/sda2/) I find that it is working all fine. and the boot.ini file is NOT corrupt.

1. Can someone please explain to me what a “Failed Hard drive” is?
2. Any Solutions?? I know that I can use a chkdsk -r to figure out the problem BUT:
– Booting into the “SafeMode + Command Prompt” Fail; i get the same BSOD
– I have NO access to any XP disk. AT ALL! My XP disk.. actually broke; snapped. And i can’t get hold of one. (Don’t tell me to buy one online -_-)
3. Is there a version of MS-DOS that I can boot into, so i can use chkdsk -r ?? I downloaded a MS-DOS Live CD, but there is NO way of accessing my Hard Drive from it.. Thankyou…