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Help plz! Linux wifi?

I have made several different live cd’s from different linux distros but i keep encountering the same problem. I connect to the internet through wifi and can’t seem to find that connection option on any of the linux distros. On Vista its as simple as going to connect to/ then searching for the wifi signal. Anyone know how to connect using wifi on any linux distro??

I just download bt3 on to a live CD, and cant find out how to get my Wifi to work I am new to the Linux world

i typed in sudo lspci,but dont knopw what i have to look for

linux spontaneously rebooting?

I have a dell optiplex gx150 and tried to install xubuntu and knoppix from the live cds. Have an atheros wifi pci card. Problem is once either system is installed and I try to update or upgrade the system thru synaptic, or even in other cases, the system reboots spontaneously. I though linux was safe from hackers. Could this be a hacker or possibly some sort of hardware problem unique to this computer?

How do you install a wifi card with KWifi?

I’m trying to run Ark Linux to its fullest potential. I’ve been testing a lot of Live CDs lately and Ark Linux has been the best and the only one I actually could use properly. It uses KWifi and KDE stuff so if you know how to add a wifi card on Linux in general please please respond. That would be awesome!
Kwifi is something part of the KDE environment. KDE users please respond.

How to reinstall network manager for ubuntu with no internet connection?

I installed this program called wicd. Horrible mistake!! It wouldn’t work with my wifi. And now I can’t install network manager, because I can’t connect to the internet because wicd won’t work (nor will removing it). Wired won’t work either. i’ve googled wicd, but every webpage on the net seems to be singing its praise, which means i can’t find how to solve my proglem. Yes, i will remove the stupid program. But tell me, how do I get network manager up and running again?
I am NOT reinstalling my system.

please, i just want my wifi back!!!

p.s. the live CD will connect to the internet, which is how I’m asking this question right now. can i manipulate it to download the package to my linux home directory? (i have 7.10 gusty gibbon installed over my whole hard drive)