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Hard drive virus please help me out?

When i try to open any of my hard disc drives, a command prompt window appears & goes, but the drive doesn’t open
Actualy i can open the drive with ‘RUN’ funtion & i can access all the data but i m just not able to open it directly i think its some kind of virus, bcoz i transfered some of my file to another computer & that computer has got the same problem now

laptop displays gibberish- motherboard, cpu, video, virus?

I have a dell inspiroron 1150 laptop that is giving me trouble. I sold it on ebay but the guy said it wouldnt start. he shipped it back. now indeed he was partly right. I had said in the ad that if u dropped it it would suspend and then battery and ac removal and reattaching would start it again. I almost expect that he tampered with it. But here is the problem: when it boots up it goes only into a screen where it stops and wont do anything else. The screen has just a bunch of gibberish on it- numbers and letters and a few words and it fills the whole screen. Has anyone experienced this and can u tell me if it might be the motherboard- has integrated video, the hard drive (tho it wouldnt even boot to a linux cd), the memory, or the cpu? Or could a virus cause this problem?
re the memory- i replaced the memory with new one and was reinstalling windows xp and bumped the laptop and it went into suspend mode. the same problem it had before. it must be a bad cpu or motherboard so i think i will give it up and resell on ebay as a repair or for parts. hate to put money into this thing especially as i dont know if it is just a loose connection, and where,or the cpu or motherboard.

coolpics.net virus is affected in my system through yahoo messenger. How to remove it?

coolpics.net virus is affected in my system through yahoo messenger. How to remove it?

Who can help me install linux?

they say linux is the safest OS ever. virus threats are less than windows. and it’s free? where can i download the OS for free? but they also say that some (or many) programs dont work on linux. So, i still wanna have my windows os for running important program, and have linux for the internet. can i have 2 different OSs in my laptop? how? tell me the details please? how do i make another partition for os with partition magic? guide me step by step. Im sick with this sucky windows where i always get spywares and viruses, i have to scan it over and over again, reformat, it’s really frustrating and f-u-c-k-i-n-g annoying (sorry). i always wanna crush my laptop every time it gets slower and slower because of viruses. i want linux. please help me.

windows and linux in my laptop???????

Help with spyware/virus issue.

When I log into WinXP I get a blue screen with a message that says Warning! Spyware detected on this computer! Install antivirus or antispyware program. It doesn’t let me get to the desktop. It doesn’t let me into Safe Mode. I can boot from a live linux cd and access the internet, but can’t find any virus scan that will work this way. Any ideas? And I also tried a repair install of XP, that didn’t work either.