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Ubuntu Linux sound issue?

I recently installed Ubuntu Linux and have a duel boot with my Windows XP. I had never used Linux before and fell in LOVE. I would make a complete transition, but unfortunately, my sound card will not work. I have run my Live CD on other machines and (wouldn’t you know it) the only computer that the sound won’t work on is my Sony Vaio. I consider myself a very computer savvy person, but I am all new to Linux. So please keep the instructions “idiot-friendly”. My sound card is a Intel 82801DB-ICH4 (Alas Mixer). I have a Sony Vaio PCG-4C1L. Oh, just so everyone is aware, I have tried ajusting advanced volume control and all of the articles on the Ubuntu homepage using the search key “no sound sony vaio”.
I am running version 8.04. Also, my system is a laptop (speakers are built in)

Help with dual-booting vista and ubuntu!?

I am currently using a vaio vgn-fz140e which came with vista. I have a 60 gig external hard drive from my previous computer and I wiped the hard drive and installed Ubuntu linux on it. For some reason, the computer automatically tries to boot ubuntu but can’t load it from the external drive. It doesn’t even try to load vista. When running ubuntu from the live cd, I can see that both vista and ubuntu are installed on their respective drives, but they won’t boot at all. I tried to get into the BIOS, but for some reason, I can’t. Can anyone help me?

Linux on USB or CD to bypass balky hard drive?

I’ve asked this before, but wasn’t able to locate exact downloadable sites. My Vaio laptop has a balky drive, and I’d like to create what I believe is called a Live CD (or better yet, Live thumbdrive, if that’s what it’s called) to be able to use it again.
If you respond, would you kindly let me know exactly where to find the downloadable file? e.g. I rooted around in DSL without knowing exactly where to go. I also downloaded ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386 which i understand contains a Live CD, but I don’t know how to access it. (My inexperience is showing, I’m sure).
Thanks for any help, barry

Why won’t my Sony laptop boot after I attempted to install Linux?

My Sony Vaio PCG-591L had Windows XP installed on it, and I was trying to install the Fedora 11 distribution of Linux on it. I didn’t have a cd on hand, and it doesn’t seem like the system supported booting from a flash drive, so i looked far and wide for an alternative method for installation. I came across a tutorial (http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html ) and followed the instructions to the best of my abilities. I believe that my lack of understanding in the department of partitions was the reason it didn’t work.I came across a program called Universal Netboot Installer, which claimed to automatically install any distribution of Linux automatically. I attempted to use it and my computer crashed. Now when I turn it on, it won’t boot and it gives me a message saying

A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

The computer also emits a strange clicking sound at random intervals. it sounds like a woodpecker, or somebody at an old-fashioned typewriter.


How do i get my system to boot again?

I’m fine with losing all previous data. I don’t mind if this is a strictly Linux system.

I have a Fedora 11 live cd now, but i can’t get my computer to boot from it.

How can I make Puppy linux boot without a disc?

I installed (Full installation) puppy linux on my ancient VAIO PC. When I try to boot from hard disc it prints “Press A to reboot” which is actually an infinite loop to this message again after rebooting. The only way to boot is to insert the live cd. After that, Everything loads from the hard drive like magic. I have a linux partition (ext3) as well as a linux-swap. I just need puppy to boot alone without the disc.
I am sure it is installed. it even says that the mounted hard drive can’t be umounted because Puppy is USING it.