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I might switch to Linux but i still have some questions about it.?

Is it user friendly to use if you have never used a Linux system before? Is it easy to install? Will it fit on a 6 GB harddisk? Will it run on a pentium 2 with 500-600 mhz? Is it free to download, and if so, where can i download it?

What would be the difficulties between Windows and Ubuntu Linux for the migrating Windows user?

I wish to migrate to Ubuntu 8.04, because I think it would benefit my programming education, and I would get some needed computer literacy skills, but I believe I’ll have problems with Linux from the first time I booted the Live CD – no, it’s not about my files – I don’t have much to migrate:

1: Are there Linux versions of Adobe software? Will I be able to use Photoshop?

2: What’s the difference between a GNU freeware CD Burner and a shareware version of Nero? Will I be able to do the same actions with Linux as I will with Windows?

3: Does Linux have problems connecting with WiFi? I’m used to the Windows Vista Wireless connection setup application, so to me, I don’t know any other way to connect than just press a few buttons.

4: Will I have the same ease of use with Linux as I will with Windows? Will I be able to play DVDs and CDs? Will I still be able to use iTunes?

5: What are the limits of WINE? Can I run World of Warcraft, .exe files, and Second Life?

Sorry, I’ve been brainwashed by Windows :D.
6: Can I change the system language and typeset as freely as I do in Windows?
7: How often do errors occur in Linux? Will I finally be given a break from the everyday errors that I simply have to shake my head to?
rodro.bistri: Well, at the moment, it’s hard to choose a best answer… but since you asked nicely, and there’s one top contributer posting – I’ll consider you :D.

what is the best distro of linux for a first time user.?

I am a first time linux user and i want to know what the best distro would be for me. also i want to be able to download the iso to a cd and be able to boot straight off the disc i think the correct term is a live cd correct me if im wrong. so what are your thoughts?

What is the best kind of Linux,?

I’m currently a Windows XP Pro user,
and i want to try something new,
i don’t want to go completely away from XP
Just when i’m bored i want to use Linux,

I don’t even know a slights thing about

I have a pc with 128mb of ram, and an 2.2ghz processor

Ya i know its not the greatest thing but i live with it.

Also something that fits into a cd
or i could order one for free

I’m trying to run sabayon linux off the live cd. What is the root number/ Where could I find it?

Please respond ASAP. I’m a newbie linux user! Help!