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Why does everyone use Windows when Linux is far superior?

-Linux is free
-Linux OS upgrades are free (No going out and spending $200 on an “improvement”)
-Viruses aren’t a problem because of the way it is designed
-Tons of free and open source software
-Run by a community, not a blood sucking company
-It is EASIER to use than Windows (just different)
-No worrying about “is my copy genuine?”
-The way it runs makes SO much more sense
-It is not inherently cumbersome on the system and does not take up space ON PURPOSE
-For all the expensive software you buy for Windows there is almost always a free program that does the exact same thing on Linux
-You have complete control over your system
-OS performance does not degrade over time
-It hardly ever needs to be rebooted for performance.
-Makes old computers useful again because Linux is lightweight enough to support them
-Dozens and dozens of distributions to choose from, so you can choose the kind of Linux you need

Not to mention it is oh so powerful! I am so glad I switched. I look at my Windows machine and I take a deep breath knowing I will never have to deal with that crap again.

I just don’t understand why people say they hate Windows but are afraid to try anything else. I wish people would just give it a shot. And if after that if they still want to use crappy Windows, fine for them. There are free live CD’s you can use so you can try some versions of Linux without installing it.

can you save files on a live cd on linux?

hi i just brought a dvd of linux (knoppix 5.3.1) and i want to know can i save songs and files onto the disk. i use the dvd by booting from the dvd not from my hard drive and i dont want to install it so is it posseble to save thing? if so, how? thanks

linux? help?

okay i have puppy 2.14 and i have a pcmia (note boot card) that has 2 usb ports on it. the only way i can get it to work s if i use the live cd and type in at the boot options:
puppy pfix=usbcard
and then it works yay!
but how can i use the same option when booting from the hdd?
i fooling with grub but what do i put and where on the menu.lst? or the cardmngr?

Linux at school?

if i use a live cd of linux, will i be able to have my own adminstrative properties?

how to access usb drives on dsl (Damn Small Linux 4.2.5) live cd?

how do you access usb drives on dsl,and what program do u use to access it
how do you access usb drives on dsl,and what program do u use to access it,i know about /root/ etc. but the filepath command is different on this linux. it like doesnt even have a program to access your files.example on my other linux if i type in


it will show me the drive,but with this system i type that in and it comes up with a error