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My Notebook CD rom is toast….can I reformat from a USB drive?

My CD rom reader on my laptop is gone, how can I do a system restore without it? My notebook doesn’t have a floppy drive either…

Can I also install software by copying from CDs putting on USB disk and doing that way?

Can you install The Linux Operating system to a USB drive?

I was thinking about trying this. Trying to install a Linux Operating system to a 8 GB USB Memory. Will it work? I want to Boot from a CD rom and then install to the USB Memory. I don’t like running a live CD all the time and I think it will be much faster and will also free up my CD rom. It would also be great because if it worked I could also get upgrades wear as a Live CD is limited to certain things.

Ubuntu QEMU, USB pendrive?

I am trying to install Ubuntu Linux on my 8gig USB thumb drive.

I am using this tutorial:

I can get to the “live cd demo” part, but when it comes to installing it says that the drive has only 425mb allocated to it.

I need to increase this to at least 3gigs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
It is formatted is FAT32.
and I have 5gigs of free space

Help installing Gentoo Linux?

I have tried both the livecd version and the usb minimal install and neither one will work. On the live cd it stops at a screen that says “boot:” I enter in “gentoo” and it goes through this short boot process then says “ready” then just goes to black screen. When I load with kernel “gentoo-nofb” it loads than screams to a halt at “init 14” stack something and wont go further. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ok I managed to get the cd to load, I had to use this command string “gentoo acpi=off doapm nosata” and it loaded. Now after I install it comes up like it is loading then just freezes after it says ready, and at the bottom it says something like “init 14” and a bunch of numbers then , stack and a bunch of numbers

How do I transfer files from Win95 to Vista using a Linux Live CD?

What I’m trying to do is transfer files from my old PC to my new one. My old computer is a HP desktop. It doesn’t have a CD-Writer and I can’t remove the hard drive. It does however have a USB port but since my Win95 does not have USB support I looked for alternatives. I found an interesting blog that proposed using a Linux live CD, booting from it, and then copying the files to a USB Key. Problem with this is that I am not interested in paying or ordering the CD since my new computer can write CD’s so all I have to do is download it and burn it.
Here is the problem. I am on Dial-up and have a limited amount of hours per week. I have no clue how ISO files work nor how I can burn them to a disk. I use CyberLink DVD suit to write CDs.
Can any one recommend a small Linux OS that has USB support and can run as a Live CD on a Pentium II 400MHz, 128 Mb Ram, 6.4 Gb total memory split in 2.1Gb partitions? Also how do I create the Live CD? (new system runs on Vista)

Thank you in advance.