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The operting system:Ubuntu?

Is this a junky operationg system? I saw it was free, and got curious. I dont want to install it, and it be junk, and cant install xp, loose files and all the bad stuff. It would be great if you could help people!

Ubuntu from dead Windows Vista installation?

I have a computer modem / tower a HP Compaq Presario running a x86 processor.
It died because I didn’t have a license key for Windows Vista, so now I don’t have a desktop IDE (integrated desktop (not development / data) enviroment).

So I would like to know how I would install Ubuntu from the downloader, is it a boot image? If so how do I use it on a dead Operating System?
Yes, I have discs (write-once) but not many DVDs, I know the file size is 700MB.

I just need a Linux web server running Ubuntu Server Edition from download.
I refuse to wait for disc and need installation ASAP (As Soon As Possible)!

The installation package I want is Ubuntu server, LAMP should be available (by the way I hate Apache and will install Abyss for Linux over it), but I would like MySQL and PHP at hand (not ASP.NET, ASP.NET only works rarely on Kubuntu machines (personal experience).
I liked the looks of Linux, it isn’t like Windows it is kind of like what I need, but not the full ticket like Mac OS X and Windows (even though I have a Mac and Windows Vista machine already).

Sorry if it is TOO much information, but I know it is a question and no problem from installation / download has been made yet, so before I install and download and no doubt end up with a problem, where can I get a Windows disc burner?

By the way, what is LaunchPad?

I’ll rephrase that, I want to download Ubuntu, but Windows Vista is in a limited state as it has not be registered with a license key, which was never purchased.
So I do not have a desktop but I do have application access, like Windows Help, Explorer, Installer, etc.

Tommorow I am going to get it the box setup, turn it on, etc.
Then I will download a ISO file to disc image burner (700MB).
Can you answer this question: Can Ubuntu boot from a DVD? I mean it stores more data.
Can it also be a write-once burn as well?
I have 2 DVDs available and 5 CDs, I do not wish to use them all.
I have 0 DVD-RDLs.

I just hope it works, after the machine is setup I will download Ubuntu under my 54MBPS connection via the router (original connection is 1,024MBPS and 100MB), so it should be fairly quick.
Then I will need to burn it right?
After that I will install Ubuntu from the burn, then what happens?
I re-insert the disc and boot it as an installation at start-up, or does it go straight into it?
It will be server edition with LAMP.
Plus, I will use Abyss Web Server for Linux on it as it uses alot of programming languages.
If Kubuntu works better, does it?
As long as Kubuntu has PHP, MySQL (or I download it) and has compatibility for Abyss Web Server, this maybe the wrong forum, but I only want, what I need.
Does some Windows programs work on it alright?
If so, can I will install that instead, then rename all my posts containing ‘Ubuntu’ in this topic to ‘Kubuntu’, okay?
Please reply, I need community support!
Original post:
X86-32 7-M processors were made in 2006, starting with the brands Athlon, Athlon XP, Pentium 4, Pentium D, Intel.

HELP!! With Linux Ubuntu.?

So like I downloaded the .iso, and burned it onto a disc. Now what:P haha, i’m a noob w/ this ..

What is the difference between Ubuntu and Linux?

I want to install it on a 700 MB CD-R to rescue my computer in case of viruses and so on.
So which should I use? Ubuntu or Linux? Where should I download it from?

I have win xp and ubuntu on a pc but i want to uninstall ubuntu. How do I do that ?

I want to uninstall it and get the space it uses back because it is never used.