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How to Make An Ubuntu Live CD

*Ubuntu Can Be A Very Confusing OS for beginners, Please Do Not Hesitate To Ask For My Help* quesomanrulz.com – Hey Everyone, Quesomanrulz here. This is a video I made showing how to create an Ubuntu Live CD. For those who don’t know a Live CD it is a CD that you put in at the startup of your computer (not at the start of windows, right after you push the power button). This CD will then boot you into Ubuntu insted of Windows without making any permanent changes to your computer (meaning after you turn the computer off and pop out the disk the computer will be exactly the same). I actually have Ubuntu dual-booting on my system because I like it so much. Also, for those who don’t know what Ubuntu is It is a Linux distribution (probably the most popular) and is open source. The newest version which you will be downloading off of Ubuntu.com is Version 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex). Thanks for watching everyone and remember: Subscribe!!! Links: Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD ISO download: www.ubuntu.com Open Source ISO Burner: www.download.com Text Tutorial on How to Burn Iso’s with Open Source Programs (Including Infra Recorder): www.download.com

How to Install Ubuntu Linux

quesomanrulz.com – Hello Everyone! This Weekend’s tutorial is brought to you by http This video tutorial is a video tutorial on the process of Downloading an Ubuntu CD Image, Burning to a CD, and then Installing it on your system. This process can be confusing to new users of Linux and this is an attempt at an easy to follow tutorial of this process. All the steps in this video are from the Ubuntu Documentation at the following links: help.ubuntu.com help.ubuntu.com help.ubuntu.com help …