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Linux Question?

Ok, well my computer (Windows XP) just crashed, and I’ve done everything to try to fix it, and it won’t work this time, so I’ve resorted to using Linux. I have a Belkin Wireless Card and a disk with it that I want to install, but the Slax Linux that I have right now runs completely off of the disk so I can’t take the disk out to install it.

Do you have any suggestions for Linux OSs that would support a Belkin wireless card, and can install on my system so I can use the CD tray?
Please tell me this is possible!

Can you install The Linux Operating system to a USB drive?

I was thinking about trying this. Trying to install a Linux Operating system to a 8 GB USB Memory. Will it work? I want to Boot from a CD rom and then install to the USB Memory. I don’t like running a live CD all the time and I think it will be much faster and will also free up my CD rom. It would also be great because if it worked I could also get upgrades wear as a Live CD is limited to certain things.

What would be the difficulties between Windows and Ubuntu Linux for the migrating Windows user?

I wish to migrate to Ubuntu 8.04, because I think it would benefit my programming education, and I would get some needed computer literacy skills, but I believe I’ll have problems with Linux from the first time I booted the Live CD – no, it’s not about my files – I don’t have much to migrate:

1: Are there Linux versions of Adobe software? Will I be able to use Photoshop?

2: What’s the difference between a GNU freeware CD Burner and a shareware version of Nero? Will I be able to do the same actions with Linux as I will with Windows?

3: Does Linux have problems connecting with WiFi? I’m used to the Windows Vista Wireless connection setup application, so to me, I don’t know any other way to connect than just press a few buttons.

4: Will I have the same ease of use with Linux as I will with Windows? Will I be able to play DVDs and CDs? Will I still be able to use iTunes?

5: What are the limits of WINE? Can I run World of Warcraft, .exe files, and Second Life?

Sorry, I’ve been brainwashed by Windows :D.
6: Can I change the system language and typeset as freely as I do in Windows?
7: How often do errors occur in Linux? Will I finally be given a break from the everyday errors that I simply have to shake my head to?
rodro.bistri: Well, at the moment, it’s hard to choose a best answer… but since you asked nicely, and there’s one top contributer posting – I’ll consider you :D.

Installing Linux on an external hard drive…?

How would I go about doing this in general? I would like to be able to do the F8 thing and choose the external hard drive / flash drive to boot into because I don’t want to have to go through the boot loader every time. I just want it to boot straight into Vista unless I press F8 and choose otherwise. It would be really nice if after booting into Vista if I could go to My Computer and choose the Linux file on the hard drive and be able to boot Linux while already on Vista, kind of like a virtual machine I guess.

Now would all that be the same as doing a Live CD of Linux?

I am going to download Ubuntu 8.04 unless you say I should do otherwise…

Ok WTF is wrong with linux?

I dont want a live boot disk for linux I want a version of linux that I can install to my hard drive and dosent require the CD to boot every time