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can you save files on a live cd on linux?

hi i just brought a dvd of linux (knoppix 5.3.1) and i want to know can i save songs and files onto the disk. i use the dvd by booting from the dvd not from my hard drive and i dont want to install it so is it posseble to save thing? if so, how? thanks

Is there such a thing as portable windows?

I want to base my computer on linux – ubuntu 7.10, but i have programs that can only be used by windows, is there a way to install windows on a flash drive, or have a windows live cd? or do i have to just dual OS my computer?

Using wireless network with Ubuntu?

I have an Atheros AR5005G wireless network adapter thing, but I’m using Linux on a Live CD just now, does anyone know how to get the wireless card working with Linux Ubuntu? Do I need to install it?
Thanks x

I Have a PC Booting Problem?

Here is what happened. I found out about this thing called wubi so I installed it and it worked good. I installed beryl. I was having problems with screen resolution and frequency. So I edited the some file. Then I restarted my pc and when I select either Windows or Wubi the system stops working and restarts.I do not care about ubuntu. If I can not find a solution I will run a Linux Live CD, copy all my files tomy web server and MegaUpload. Then I will do system recovery. Is this the best solution. If there is a way to fix this please let me know. By the way I cannot boot windows in safe mode or any other mode. I would Really appreciate some help.

Why can my pc run any operating systems?

I was on XP on day and i got like 7 error messages and the pc shut down. Now it does the same thing every time i boot up.

Then I tried a couple of live linux cds and none would even boot up all the way.

I know a lot about computers but, I’ve never seen anything like this?!?!?!?!?!?!