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I need help with the sound on my computer?

Ok i was going through the Add or Remove programs list on the Control Panel and I deleted this thing called Sound Max bc it said i rarely used it…. Now none of my sound works… when i click on volume control it says there are no mixer devices available.. Is there any way I can get the sound back without paying any money??? Someone please help me

Linux Ubuntu…. HELP!!!?

see, i got hte live CD thing from hte ubuntu linux website, and when i put it to a CD “burn image tool, it was fine and all…. but this morning when i tried it out, it loaded and everything, but when i click try live cZd it loaded but froze midway, and then the screen went black and my monitor’s light was going on and off, like it was on standby or something… HELP mE


Installing Linux on an external hard drive…?

How would I go about doing this in general? I would like to be able to do the F8 thing and choose the external hard drive / flash drive to boot into because I don’t want to have to go through the boot loader every time. I just want it to boot straight into Vista unless I press F8 and choose otherwise. It would be really nice if after booting into Vista if I could go to My Computer and choose the Linux file on the hard drive and be able to boot Linux while already on Vista, kind of like a virtual machine I guess.

Now would all that be the same as doing a Live CD of Linux?

I am going to download Ubuntu 8.04 unless you say I should do otherwise…

What should I use to replace KNOPPIX 5.1.1 as my Linux-based bootable repair CD?

I repair Windows machines often with KNOPPIX; it’s the easiest way for me to get a clean OS running so I can blow away viruses. However, KNOPPIX 5.1.1 shows its age, as it failed to work on a computer I recently went to service due to the computer being “too new.” KNOPPIX 5.2 is a DVD-only release and so is not particularly useful to me. I’m also looking for a USB-based self-contained Linux. The problem is that the number of choices are staggering: SLAX, DSL, MEPIS…it’s hard to pick one. I’d be primarily using it for command-prompt-based repairs on Windows machines, but I’d need X11 and a browser like Firefox available as well. Having ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g are crucial, and having the “dd_rescue” command would be a very good thing as well. Failing all this, having a guide to rolling my own would be a nice thing to have. I’ll be booting this on anything from a Pentium II to a brand new Core 2 Duo, so a RECENT kernel and drivers is fairly vital.

So, what “live” distros should I check out in my search? And please don’t say “Ubuntu.” It’s the worst Linux distro I’ve ever seen in my life, and horribly slow on top of all that.

How do I run Ubuntu Linux off of a hard drive partition?

I have recently installed Ubuntu Linux into a hard drive partition and I don’t know how to run it. I’ve tried the Live CD thing but you can’t save stuff to anything or have personal data. How do I boot it? Thanks