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does frequent formatting and changing partitions cause bad sectors in hard disk?

i used to format and change the size of partitions every month to try different flavors of linux and my hard disk developed bad sectors and i had to send it for a replacement,at the moment i am using mandriva live cd to run basic stuff as i don have a hard disk

Reinstall Linux on Dual-boot?

I’m somewhat new to linux and such, however I installed Ubuntu on my machine that was already running XP. I did that about a week ago and I have been messing around with Ubuntu and somehow screwed stuff up to the point where there are errors at startup and shutdown (tried googling to fix them which I couldn’t find a solution). I don’t really remember what I did to cause these errors, but since I only installed Ubuntu about a week ago I thought can’t I just go through the same installation process again on the same partition? I put in the live CD and tried to go through the installation process again, however at the end of this they said they were going to install it on partition 1 (My partition with XP) and the grub bootloader on partition 5.

So my question is, is there any easy way to reinstall Ubuntu so I can have it fresh and error free like it was to start with? In the Live CD is there a way to select what partition I want to install Ubuntu to (I looked and couldn’t find)?

How do I run Ubuntu Linux off of a hard drive partition?

I have recently installed Ubuntu Linux into a hard drive partition and I don’t know how to run it. I’ve tried the Live CD thing but you can’t save stuff to anything or have personal data. How do I boot it? Thanks

I want to install Ubuntu or any Linux without partitioning or loosing any old files?

I have windows, and it is broken. it tells me i have to put the install disk back in and stuff like that, and i would rather just move onto ubuntu. the problem is, i want to keep all my old files, wich i can still access through the ubuntu live cd feature. oncei install ubuntu, i will not be able to however. is there a way i can install it through live cd without using there installers? like just copying nad pasting the live cd files or something?

Is ordering stuff over the internet safer with a Linux Live CD?

Rather than running my main OS, Windows XP, to buy things online with a credit card (the site I am buying something from is secure, but you never know about the computer)

I ran spyware scans, but you can’t be certain if it got everything.

So should I run a Linux Live CD, open Firefox, and buy my item this way?
because the Live CD has no spyware