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Whats the best way to get rid of spyware/viruses without formatting?

I’ve been building and repairing pc systems as a hobby for about seven years now. My worst nightmare (and this seems to be the majority of my work) is a windows pc full of spyware, and sometimes viruses, to the point where the pc is too crippled to even run anti-spyware/anti-virus software on it. I usually end up backing up important documents using a Linux Live-CD, then format and reinstall, but in a lot of cases, the customer has neglected to tell me about some of the stuff they needed to keep, or they assumed that it came with windows, and then later they’re surprised when something is missing, but by that time its too late to get it back. So how does your average technician deal with these things?

Help with spyware/virus issue.

When I log into WinXP I get a blue screen with a message that says Warning! Spyware detected on this computer! Install antivirus or antispyware program. It doesn’t let me get to the desktop. It doesn’t let me into Safe Mode. I can boot from a live linux cd and access the internet, but can’t find any virus scan that will work this way. Any ideas? And I also tried a repair install of XP, that didn’t work either.

Windows Trouble?

Im having a little trouble with windows. I just logged on today and it was crashing and lagging and nothing would open. I couldn’t even shutdown the computer without pulling the battery.Right now im on a Live CD of Linux because i cant even open my browser without it crashing. I have went into safe mode and ran spyware tests and virus tests but all i had was spyware and deleted that all (which didn’t help. I have tryed Checking C: for errors but i had no errors.

My specs are:
2.4ghz AMD 64-bit Processer
WIndows XP Media Center Edition

How to Cure a Windows Virus with Ubuntu Linux

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Computer Virus- Live CD?

I have a computer that has a virus/adware/spyware on it. The computer has Windows XP on it. The virus has basically infected the windows registry, so, because I am not an advanced user, I don’t know how to remove the virus in Windows.

Is there any live CD Linux distrobutrion that has a virus scanner that can update from the internet and fix the viruses?
I tried AVG, but it won’t let the user log in. I CAN use Windows, but the processes that start up won’t allow the virus/adware/spyware scanners to delete the problem. I have already tried Spybot S&D and Ad-aware. The viruses also apparently made Norton unusuable, for it will not start up. It says that I have to reinstall, but I don’t have any of the origional CDs, including the Norton and Windows.