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Trying to run Linux In Windows XP using VirtualBox?

I’m trying to run Linux Mint Helena(8) in my Windows XP (Service Pack 3) Operating System. I’ve installed VirtualBox and have created the Linux OS machine in the program, but I’m trying to put in the settings. So I’m trying to retrieve/mount the iso image from a Live CD my friend gave to me, but a iso image can not be found. The CD works, since I can boot Linux from it, but I can’t find the iso image. What should I do?

Linux boot cd for windows?

I have users in my office who regularly screw up windows xp/vista laptops, despite having anti-virus, service packs etc. installed. I am at my wit’s end – solving their issues again and again. But, I have an idea. What if I use a linux boot cd/live distro to boot up their conked off windows laptops – during an emergency ! I will be really thankful if someone can suggest an excellent linux live distro or boot disk ! Please remember – my users must be able to open their ms-office documents (word, excel,ppt) at least for viewing or running them. Is there any linux distro which resembles windows desktop with capability to read ms-office documents too ? Thanks a ton !!
Thanks a lot. I am overwhelmed with the answers. Most of them serve a purpose, but what I exactly want is : A linux ‘pure’ live CD that is very very close to windows look and feel. It should in no way damage existing windows files on the laptop but open all ms office files in an emergency ! Please suggest a tested, perfect distro to download and use. Thanks again.