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How to backup a Sata HDD onto a USB device Using Damn small Linux live CD?

Basically I have a bootable CD I made and am needing to back up a sata HDD. If you would tell me step by step instructions on how to do this would be very much appreciated…

Kind need to do this for tomorrow so any urgent help would be nice :). I f you would recomend another Bootable Iso I have one CD remaining:)
Cheers In advance

How can i format a SATA HD without a floppy drive?

i have a new system and can’t seem to format the sata hard drive. i tried connecting a floppy drive but it wont recognise it. is it possible to format it without using a floppy drive?

I also tried formating it by using Linux Ubuntu live CD which didn’t work either.

anyone help???


i can’t seem to locate the required Image on http://bootdisk.com, seems a bit complicated for me, could you please provide a direct link, cheers

LG Electronics GH22NS50 22X SATA Super Multi DVD+/-RW Internal Drive – Bulk with Software (Black)

LG Electronics GH22NS50 22X SATA Super Multi DVD+/-RW Internal Drive – Bulk with Software (Black)

  • Buffer Size: 2MB
  • Data Transfer Rate: 22.16Mbits/s
  • Interface Type: SATA
  • Operating System Compatibility: Microsoft Windows® Vista, XP
  • SecureDisc Compatible: Yes

LG Electronics GH22NS50 22X SATA Super Multi DVD+/-RW Internal Drive (Black), Bulk with Software

List Price: $ 38.99

Price: $ 19.98

SATA Drive not going to Windows – strange numbers at bootup?

I have a SATA hard drive (WD Raptor 74GB only a few months old) and when I went to reboot it, right before the BIOS would go either to a CD to boot or windows,,, the screen filled up with the numbers 09 09 09 over and over. I moved the plug to a different SATA port and the number would change to 04 04 04 etc.
I could run Linux on a live CD. I installed Windows on to a regular PATA drive and it worked. Every time I tried to reformat and reinstall Windows on the SATA drive about 3 times but it did the same thing.I finally took the SATA drive to another computer where it also did the same thing (not the motherboard then). I ran the disk diagnostic bootup CD with no errors.
Has anyone had this happen to them?? Weird!!
Not a virus if I reformatted and its on a different motherboard.
How could I return the drive if no errors showing?
The numbers came up in the black screen bios part right after it is showing the irqs of various devices. Under normal conditions, if it is set to boot to CD, it is right before the cd starts to spin up to boot.

What is wrong with my computer?

So here is the deal with my custom built pc. The last thing I was doing on my pc before I started having this problem was burning videos onto DVD-Rs and surfing the net. The pc boots up the BIOS but every time right before Windows loads up it shuts down. I already replaced the ps and the same thing happens. I’ve disconnected all IDE drives and all cards while leaving just the primary hard drive and same thing. I tested each memory stick one by one and same thing. I even put in a new SATA with no windows on it just to see if it doesn’t shut down…same thing. There is no way I can run any diagnostic testing because the PC shuts down. I can’t even load Ubuntu/linux off a live CD because it will shut down. My mobo is Abit ip-95, nothing special but I don’t need much. Could it be a bad mobo? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.