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How to Cure a Windows Virus with Ubuntu Linux

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How can I get to and edit xorg.conf and Sessions -> Startup Programs if Gnome won’t start in Debian Linux?

I edited both to configure compiz, but I made a mistake…Now it says “no screens found” and that it’s “unable to connect to the X server” and goes to the kernel. I know what I did wrong, so how do I get to xorg.conf and Startup Programs from there to fix it? I’m using Debian Lenny…I have a Linux Mint Live CD if there’s any way to get to them from that.

Data Recovery Programs? Suggestions?

I’ve had my laptop since Christmas, and I recently kicked smelly vista into the trash and put windows 7 beta on. [Don’t even think about saying that that’s my problem, because it is much more stable than vista!!] So anyway, recently my computer wouldn’t boot after left unplugged and had the battery die, and I used an Ubuntu Live CD to try to copy my data out, but It was unable to mount the drive and said something about ntfs inconsistencies, corruption, or hardware failure [please! no! I’d rather data loss!] So, I’ve removed my drive from my laptop and will connect it to an external hard drive assembly to run chkdsk under linux’s reccomendation, and if that doesn’t help, I need some suggestions for data recovery software. Thanks in advance!