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what is process of partition of hard disc through disk manager and through dos with the help of fdisk command

i want to install linux and unix in my pc and window 98 and window xp have already installed.
so i want to know whole process of partition of hard disc and installing process

can anybody tell me the step by step process of installing ubuntu linux version 6.06?

How can i do this without affecting my files in a partition?and also i would like to know how to make it a dual boot, one is windows and one is ubuntu linux?pls help me…thanks in advance….

does any1 know how a live linux cd is able to run on ram, and its surrouding processes that go with it work?

including specificaly the boot process,stackable files and modularity.

Reinstall Linux on Dual-boot?

I’m somewhat new to linux and such, however I installed Ubuntu on my machine that was already running XP. I did that about a week ago and I have been messing around with Ubuntu and somehow screwed stuff up to the point where there are errors at startup and shutdown (tried googling to fix them which I couldn’t find a solution). I don’t really remember what I did to cause these errors, but since I only installed Ubuntu about a week ago I thought can’t I just go through the same installation process again on the same partition? I put in the live CD and tried to go through the installation process again, however at the end of this they said they were going to install it on partition 1 (My partition with XP) and the grub bootloader on partition 5.

So my question is, is there any easy way to reinstall Ubuntu so I can have it fresh and error free like it was to start with? In the Live CD is there a way to select what partition I want to install Ubuntu to (I looked and couldn’t find)?

Help installing Gentoo Linux?

I have tried both the livecd version and the usb minimal install and neither one will work. On the live cd it stops at a screen that says “boot:” I enter in “gentoo” and it goes through this short boot process then says “ready” then just goes to black screen. When I load with kernel “gentoo-nofb” it loads than screams to a halt at “init 14” stack something and wont go further. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ok I managed to get the cd to load, I had to use this command string “gentoo acpi=off doapm nosata” and it loaded. Now after I install it comes up like it is loading then just freezes after it says ready, and at the bottom it says something like “init 14” and a bunch of numbers then , stack and a bunch of numbers