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how can i get my mac to boot from cd?

okay im new to this i need big help. my school got a new mac lab and they threw away the old ones. i asked for one and they gave it to me. its a power mac g4. im very knowledgeable about computers, the computer needed some work and it turns out that the harddrive had been completely formatted. there is no operation system on it and i do not have a boot cd. ive tried booting ubuntu linux but ubuntu requires a os to be on the computer. i have a live cd for linux from scratch and i would like to just put linux on it but every time i try to boot from a cd i just get the grey screen with the blinking file. to make matters worse i dint have a mac keyboard so im using a usb one. ive tried cmd-opn-f-o and holding down c and even comd-opn-shift-delete and nothings boots from the cd. ive put 15 hours in the past day to get this to work and im running out of ideas. PLEASE I BEG YOU. PLEASE HELP!!!! i will be eternally grateful. thanks again!
the problem with most of your answers is that ive tried al the comands and the wont work. ive tried just holding option key and nothing comes up. ive tried holding c key and nothing comes up. same with cmd optn f o. could it be the keyboard? i dont have a mac keyboard just a usb pc keyboard.

Power Supply Question?

I have a PC that was left on, when I came home it was off. It would not restart. It would POST and then return a HDD not found error. The primary HDD is not recognized even in the BIOS. Last night I used a Linux live CD to boot and check the secondary HDDs data.
Today I tried to boot from HDD, CD, and floppy, nothing works, but it still POSTs, and I can change things in the BIOS. I have this > http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16899705002 < PSU tester and when I test the PSU the -5v fails to test.

Is the PSU the problem or is there another issue that could be causing the?

Old Pentium 2 Monitor Black (Video Card Problem)?

I work as a part-time computer technician assistant for allinonecomputer and I had a customer bring her computer to my house, and due to me being limited in parts, I tested her Power Supply on my brother’s motherboard, turns out the power supply was bad because it fried two motherboards.

So I had to replace his HP intel motherboard with his celeron 2.7ghz processor with a pentium 2 266mhz processor. Problem is… the damn thing boots up, but the monitor remains black. It has one agp slot and about five pci slots, and one ISA slot.

I have four 4-16mb video cards I tried using in every single slot, repeatedly booting it up and shutting it down and switching. But every slot and card I try… nothing works.

I tried booting a linux live CD, but for some reason (that I can’t see) it’s not booting at all. I also tried a windows CD, but I couldn’t see what was going on.

Any suggestions?

(I’ve gotten most of my computer experience from modifying programs and frankensteining computers in my basement, so I have a lot of non-professional computer background. )

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian Power Users Reviews

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