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Linux installation ?

I need to install Linux on my PC which already has WindowsXP. I turn on the PC with the Linux CD inside and, when the installation guide(or wizzard or else:) says that it wants to shrink partition /windows/D (it’s actually /dev/sda5) and create the swap partition, the root Linux partition and partition for /home, I tell it to shrink /windows/E instead (and I adjust the other partitions accordingly).

Then an error while resizing partition E (/dev/sda6) turns out saying:

“Opening ‘/dev/sda6’ as NTFS failed: Operation not permitted. The NTFS partition is hibernated. Windows must be resumed and turned off properly, so resizing could be done safely.”

What does this mean ??? Isn’t Windows already turned off, cause I power on the PC and while booting the system reads the installation CD ???

This is the first time that I try to do such a thing so…. :) help ! :)

Ubuntu Linux Install?

I just downloaded Ubuntu Linux and burned it onto a CD and when i put it in my CD drive on another computer with no partitions on it, it just boots up from the CD and when i try to open the Install icon on the desktop it doesn’t do anything. Total newbie when it comes to linux and i have don’t really know how to make a partition.

Please help!
well nothing came up when i put the disk in just the screen that says:
start or install linux
start in graphics safe mode ect.
when i click Start or install, it just boots it from the CD. also the computer that i am trying to install it from is too out of range of the wireless to get internet.

How do I set the partitions in my maxtor external hard drive for Ubuntu?

I posted up a question before about how to install Ubuntu onto an external hard drive. Thanks to the members of yahoo answers I was able to get started but now I have another issue regarding the partition portion of Ubuntu.

Here’s my set up:
1 iMac intel core 2 duo 3.06ghz, 500gb of hard drive space, 2gb of ram, 6mb of L2 cache with half of the enternal hard drive given to vista ultimate.

My external hard drive:
Maxtor One Touch II 189.99 gb usb formated as macosx journaled not partitioned (yet)

I already have the Live CD and figured out how to run Ubuntu from the cd when I boot my mac (hold c when it boots up)

I get to the Ubuntu desktop and start the installer. I get to step 4 which is the partition part. I choose the manual option and the partition editor opens up asking how much I want to partition, type (Fat32, Fat16, ext3, etc), where I want to mount (??).

I set everything up used Fat32, used all of the hard drive space and left the mount empty since I did not know what that was or what to do with it. I got a message saying ROOT FILE System not defined. I had no idea what that meant until I found a forum that said I needed to set up a root directory or something like that

These were the sites that some what helped me understand how I’m supposed to partition my drive for Ubuntu

I know I have to set /, /swap, /home partitions
I have decided to go with this set up:
/ 10gb
/swap 4gb
/home 175.99gb

the thing is when the information of my external hard drive shows up, it does not give me any options to make a new partition.

I see something similar to this for my maxtor hard drive

free space 0MB
/dev/sda3 hfs+ 194437MB 194437MB

and some other stuff I forgot to write down.

Am I supposed to delete these partitions? How do I add the /,/swap,/home partitions? Is that even the proper code?

I’m an extreme noob with this OS and reason I want to learn and try this OS out. Macs tend to have some compatibility issues and vista is a little bitch sometimes. My school just switched to vista but the cit and computer major dept still use linux (red hat)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a Linux Live CD that can run a defrag on NTFS partitions?

Is there a Linux Live CD that can run a defrag on NTFS partitions? I would like to be able to boot into a Linux graphical environment and run diagnostics on Windows NTFS partition, particularly defrag and chkdsk. I know there is BartPE to create a bootable XP CD but I would prefer a Linux disk. Thanks

How do I install Linux on a dell notebook/laptop that is currently running Windows XP?

I’ve been running windows xp alone on my notebook for the last two years. I know almost nothing about linux but I want to give it a shot. I downloaded the unbuntu live cd and used gparted to create two partitions on the hard drive. (there are two other tiny partitions on the hard drive that linux lists but windows doesn’t).

Currently the two smaller (hidden) partitions are formatted FAT and FAT32, the two larger partitions are both formatted NTFS.

What do I need to do to install ubuntu, or any other gnu/linux distro onto one of the partitions, without effecting windows on the other partition? Will I also need to install an additional boot manager?
thanks I d I realized that my problem was just that I should have left one partition unformatted until I installed ubuntu. I deleted the empty partition and used “guided install (largest available free space)” to install ubuntu, worked well, simple and automatic…now if I can just get my network card to work.