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Does the Windows Vista partition of “Disk Management” work for an Ubuntu installation?

I’ve heard that this partitioning is still full of bugs – has anyone any experience running it and installing Linux on the next partition?

Pls. help with partitioning?

I have a dell pc with 80 gigs hd. I have media center 2005. can anyone help me with regards to partitioning

im planning on making 3 drives. 1 for os (windows), 1 for recorded tv stuff and 1 for the documents (placing the my docs folder on another drive so when xp crashes, i still have my docs)
To Balk: Yes, that’s what I’m using for partitioning and “Oui, c’est genial!” that means yes, it’s great
To deadkelly_1: If XP crashes, I have no choice but to reinstall XP and because I’m going to format the system partition, only the system files would be gone and I still have the docs. I can now gain access to my docs when I finish reinstalling XP. Besides I have an external HD that can copy files from the HD in my PC.

I want to install Ubuntu or any Linux without partitioning or loosing any old files?

I have windows, and it is broken. it tells me i have to put the install disk back in and stuff like that, and i would rather just move onto ubuntu. the problem is, i want to keep all my old files, wich i can still access through the ubuntu live cd feature. oncei install ubuntu, i will not be able to however. is there a way i can install it through live cd without using there installers? like just copying nad pasting the live cd files or something?

Linux Install Issues?

I finally desided to make the jump, after the new Ubuntu came out. So i burnt the live CD tried it out and it worked. Then I put it into the computer I wished to install it on to. A Toshiba Satellite (about 2 years old) and I hit install all went great until the part with the partitioning… then it told me it couldn’t partition or something… It then pushed me to the next screen in the install.I tried a few things but didn’t want to screw around to much because I didn’t want to delete my windows partition with all my data on it (i’m planning on dual booting and then after a while moving only to linux)

any help would be useful… this was the only place I had an account to if there is a better website to post this on by all means link away.

ubuntu linux install problem?

Well, I put in the Ubuntu 7.10 CD. I did all the partitioning and installing. Then it prompted for me to reboot. So I press ‘restart’, and I take the live CD out and push the CD drive back in. I see the ubuntu screen, and the orange bar starts diminishing and getting smaller. But then, it just freezes there. The computer won’t reboot and the ubuntu screen just freezes.
Help! What should I do? It’s been frozen for about half an hour now…