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which is the most user friendly linux distribution?

i mean, which linux distribution can actually do these things: 1. see each other on the network, and can access a windows partition in the harddisk?

Pls help, i’m deciding on switching to linux

From linux back to windows?

In ipodlinux, it creates a partition that you can’t access through windows without the help of certain programs. My question is: if I erased my entire harddrive and installed linux on it, would I be able to go back to windows? Or would it not be able to format the harddrive t install windows on it?
I don’t want to dual boot. Let’s say I got a ubuntu cd, formatted the hard disk into whatever format linux uses, and installed ubuntu. Then I changed my mind and wanted to go back to xp. If I booted from an xp cd, would it be able to format the hard disk back into fat32?
Srry, I made a mistake. NTFS, not fat32

I need to create a LiveUSB Linux image on a USB hard drive?

Specifically I want to create a full linux install on the USB hard drive but with the full driver detection capabilities of a LiveCD. I don’t want to emulate a livecd on the usb hard drive as that creates a ramdrive and is not persistant if I make changes to the config files, etc. without mounting another partition and storing a config file. Can this be done? I was able to install Ubuntu onto a USB hard drive (full install) but now I need to add in the driver detection capabilties and have it autoupdate the xfree86config files etc. like a LiveCD would. Does anyone know how to do this?

If i partition my drive can i put a linux OS on my laptop……along with my existing Microsoft XP?

Will Linux screw up anything on my XP side?

Can I dual boot windows 98 and ubuntu on the same hard drive?

My main computer has windows 98 on it. I want to try linux ubuntu on the same computer but don’t want to get rid of windows 98 which I know works properly with my wireless internet and all. So I want to make it so it could dual boot either to ubuntu or to windows. I know that I need to partition my hard drive, but how do I do it?