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how can i install windows Live cd?

i have no operating system on my computer and no back up disks. The only thing i have is the windows XP “Live” cd. I can only run this program with the cd in the drive. Is there any way to install windows xp with the live cd?

Can the computer work without operating system?

Can the computer work without operating system?

Is Linux a good operating system?

I currently have Windows XP Service Pack 2? Is linux better?

Are you able to run another OS on Microsoft XP?

I noticed in the latest edition of CPU magazine, they were talking about different OS. They mentioned that there was a program that when you clicked it, you were able to run another operating system (Ubuntu, i think). Does anybody know the program or any program that lets you do that?

help does anyone know….?

where i can get info on installing ubuntu which i think is a really cool operating system but i dont want to take any chances of losing all my windows 2000 data yes i know win2000 is a little out dated but i need some programs on it.
so the question is which is better windows 2000 or ubuntu 7.04
oh and can cortez keybording championship work on ubuntu.