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Is ordering stuff over the internet safer with a Linux Live CD?

Rather than running my main OS, Windows XP, to buy things online with a credit card (the site I am buying something from is secure, but you never know about the computer)

I ran spyware scans, but you can’t be certain if it got everything.

So should I run a Linux Live CD, open Firefox, and buy my item this way?
because the Live CD has no spyware

Internet help?

Im having a problem with one of my computers getting online. It has a 169.254.x.x IP address. I tried the basic resets for a 169.254 but none work. It is also the same IP when there is no ethernet plugged in and it has no info for subnet. It isn’t a wireless IP because the computer has no wireless card. It is also not an OS issue because I get a looping when booting to a Linux live CD. Can someone help me getting back online?
There is no router.

How do I flash the BIOS if no OS is installed?

I have a Compaq CQ50-115nr. I bought it online for pretty cheap. The listing says the HDD is bad, which is fine, I have a ton of those sitting around. I get the laptop, rpl the hdd, it still won’t recognize it, disk read error. I assume it is the SATA port, yank the hdd and throw it in an external case and figure I will boot to usb. Same thing. I try the hdd on my regular computer and it has Linux on it.

I am having trouble even getting this laptop to do the same thing twice. One time it will boot to the WIndows cd, go through the initial loading files portion and then pop up an error (trying to get 0x code), another time it will go to the disk read error again, and sometimes it just sits there and has a blinking cursor until I shut it off.

So far I have tried:
1. taking out the ram chips 1 by 1 and trying in different slots
2. Windows xp, vista and 7 (the xp disk wont even spin up, but is filthy so…)
3. put a new hdd in
4. tried different usb ports
5. crying and punching a pillow (I rent so hitting a wall is a no go)
6. resetting cmos
7. resetting bios
8. booting up to a diagnostics cd and running tests (doesnt find the hdd so those tests are pretty short)
9. booting to a live cd (only worked once or twice, and I was so shocked didnt think to try anything, just sat there looking at the screen)

Any help or suggestions (or random insults) would be appreciated. I want to flash the BIOS and update to the newest version, but the HP website says it is some utility and I have to have Windows installed to use it?!

linux for old computers?

hey what are some new linux live cds out there that i can use for my old computer. i just need it to connect online using my itouch apps such as iphone modem or pdanet to connect online. i used puppy linux and damn small linux but both i cant get to use the itouch for online.

Question about Linux Live CDs?

I’ve read that it is a good idea to use them for online banking and other transactions over the computer, so I was planning on giving it a try. Anyhow, before I do I had a few questions.

If I did have a virus or keylogger on my computer (Windows 7) could a Windows virus infect the Linux Live CD? Also, if I caught a virus or spyware while using a Linux Live CD would it infect my Windows hard-drive? Lastly, is Linux actually more secure than Windows for online banking and such?