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HELP!! With Linux Ubuntu.?

So like I downloaded the .iso, and burned it onto a disc. Now what:P haha, i’m a noob w/ this ..

Linux recomend?

can anyone plz tell me a recomended linux distro for a noob like me. the easier the beter… thnx

How can i formart an external hard drive in linux?

I have an external hard drive which is not working in windows. When i insert it, it plays the sound of new hard ware found but its not apearing on my computer. i have downloaded a live cd of knoppix and i am able to access my files on the drive. My question is, Is there a way i could format this drive in linux as i cant use it in windows. it is NTSF formart at the moment. any ideas. ps i am a linux noob

how to use linux?

i am new to linu. i know virtually nothing about it.. only the live cds.. but i dont knwo how to use them what so ever.. call me noob or whatever? but can anyone help me.. anyhthing will help.. thanx

Ubuntu help!!!?

I am a complete linux noob and am trying to run the live cd but it will not work because there is a xserver error and then there is a bunch of junk going on so does anyone know how to fix this?
The bunch of junk is a status report but it is all jumbled up and in different spots