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linux, vista, and 7 = nothing boots?

I’ve been meaning to install windows 7 on my laptop which was dual booting vista and ubuntu no problem. My end goal was to have vista, 7, and ubuntu next to each other. I decided that I also wanted a clean install of ubuntu. So I started out today by deleteing all the linux partitions and installing 7 on it. When it restarted I only had a blinking line. So I fixed mbr and fix boot. I fear that installing 7 in the free space beside vista and using a 7 install disk to fix the mbr it has damaged my vista partition. When I run a live cd it looks like all my files from vista are there but when I restart and try to boot it tells me I have a disk read error, please press ctrl+alt+del. ubuntu sees my vista partition as a windows 7 (loader) and it sees the 7 partition as just a nfts filesystem. Any ideas on how I can get vista to boot again?
Thanks for the help, but I figured it out a diffrent way.
1) I used gparted to remove the boot flag from the dead vista partition.
2) Installed 7 on a new partiton
3) Used the repair option on the vista disk, which automatically added the “recovered” vista partition to the boot loader and it boots.