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Ubuntu Linux Install?

I just downloaded Ubuntu Linux and burned it onto a CD and when i put it in my CD drive on another computer with no partitions on it, it just boots up from the CD and when i try to open the Install icon on the desktop it doesn’t do anything. Total newbie when it comes to linux and i have don’t really know how to make a partition.

Please help!
well nothing came up when i put the disk in just the screen that says:
start or install linux
start in graphics safe mode ect.
when i click Start or install, it just boots it from the CD. also the computer that i am trying to install it from is too out of range of the wireless to get internet.

installing linux (ubuntu 8.04) help please!!!?

im a newbie in the linux world so bare with me.

i have an hp g60-12ous notebook pc
AMD Turion X2 Dual Core 64 RM-70
3.00 GB of Ram
nVidia geforce 8200
it has vista home premium as the OS it came with

im trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) (amd 64 bit architecture version) via live cd that is made. nothing is wrong with the cd since i was able to install it on a e-machines computer a couple months ago and the cd is FOR SURE is not corrupted or damaged in any way. my problem is that when it finished downloading the kernel and then the ubuntu logo finishes (with the organge bar), i get a message like this:

busybox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu7) Built-in shell (ash)
Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands


if there is anyone that can provide help such or instructions that can get me out of this problem successfully…not only will you get 11 points immediately, but appreciation will be given. hopefully, i can get some real answers…if your answering this question just for points…you will be reported…this is a serious question for me. thank you for your time and effort. :)

p.s.: i’ve already made space for ubuntu on the hard drive so don’t suggest that option thanks :)
sorry, i made a mistake on the messge i get. instead of the 7…its 12 next to the word “ubuntu”…sorry about that

Newbie installing Linux on a Acer Aspire 5610z?

I’m seriously sick of Windows, especially after the latest round of updates killed my internet connection. That’s just one problem among many… so I’m done.

I have never installed nor used Linux before, but I hear it’s better and safer than Windows. I have an Acer laptop I want to install it on, but I have some questions first.

What’s the easiest (and preferably smallest) version to get? I know that no version is exactly ‘easy’, but I’ve only ever used Windows, so the most simple one is probably best for me.

Obviously I’ve never installed something like this before, so can anyone tell me what all to expect or do? Like if certain drivers don’t work, how do I fix it? I’ve fixed drivers before, but it was always with the Windows disks that came with the comp….. does Linux run okay with most drivers and whatnot?

I know I can get drivers from acer.com, but the ones for my comp say Windows under the OS title…. so will downloading those and installing them do anything at all if Linux couldn’t run them in the first place?

Also, do you need to run a firewall and anti-virus on Linux? I’ve read conflicting answers on other websites, so I have no idea. Would Zone Alarm or AVG even work on Linux? What about other windows only programs? Is there a free program to make them work on Linux?

If, in the end, I completely mess up the comp (or simply can’t get used to Linux) can I reinstall Vista and have the computer as it was before I messed around with it? I know about the live CD’s for trying things out, but knowing my luck everything will run fine until it’s actually installed.

Sadly that’s happened to me before with other things, so I can’t rule it out lol

My laptop:
Aspire 5610-2762
CPU : Pentium M T2080 (1.73GHz / 1M)
LCD : 15.4″ WXGA Acer CrystalBrite
HDD : 160GB
ODD : DVD Super Multi Double Layer
Modem : 56K
LAN : 10/100 Base T
Wireless LAN : 802.11b/g
Softload : Windows Vista Home Premium

Any and all help is appreciated… and feel free to talk to me as if I’m a 3 year old, lol that’s probably the best way for me to understand any of this ;o)

I’m trying to run sabayon linux off the live cd. What is the root number/ Where could I find it?

Please respond ASAP. I’m a newbie linux user! Help!

Linux newbie here…Why won’t my LiveCD recognize both of my hard drives?

My WinXP hard drive recently crashed. I can still access it using my LinspireLive CD, but my slave drive doesn’t show up. My flash drive shows up as a dos disk, and my corrupted drive shows up as winxp, but my slave drive doesn’t show up at all. (I assume it would show up as a dos disk because there is no OS on it.) I tried booting up under Linspire Live without the flash drive plugged in, but the slave drive still did not show up. I would like to be able to move my important files from the corrupted drive to the slave drive. How can I get Linux to recognize my slave drive so that I can do this? (I’m relatively new to Linux so be gentle…LOL)