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Linux Download Help!!?

i Downloaded ubuntu and i burned it to a disk with NERO i do not know if the burn was successful i inserted into my windows p.c.
their is a list of command like start and install ubuntu
start ubuntu in safe graphics mode.
do summut with disk.
start in normal windows or mac.
help me when i click start and install (which i assume is what i am meant to do) and all that happens is a dashed line appears on the screen and nothing happens i have not waited for a time all i do is restart my computer.
Thank you i was just wondering is Ubuntu even good cos i am going to put it on a windows xp
and someone told me you cannot get windows back without buying a cd! Is this true!!!!
when the cd goes in and i press start and install ubuntu i wait and it says disk read error why is this?!?!?!?!

in nero startsmart,which menu which enable to burn an ISO image on a blank CD to make a booting CD?

>>>>i need your answer a soon as possible because i’m trying now to create a puppy linux CD from a live CD distro….

how to create puppy linux CD installer?

I have already downloaded puppy linux 3 live CD distro which is in .ISO format.what is the next procedure in order to make a puppy linux CD installer using NERO running on WINDOWS?

* i need your answers immediately

how to burn linux ubuntu live cd ISO file using nero ?

please give step by step info ……..what opstion under i burn it ???


i downloaded the iso image of Austrumi linux distro{50 MB} and burnt it on a blank CD using NEro. BUTit is not booting up, even after setting up CD rom as the first boot option what sholud i do?