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what is process of partition of hard disc through disk manager and through dos with the help of fdisk command

i want to install linux and unix in my pc and window 98 and window xp have already installed.
so i want to know whole process of partition of hard disc and installing process

How do I get my wireless card working in Linux Mint 4.0?

I’m planning on switching from Ubuntu 7.04 to Linux Mint 4.0 and I’ve tried out the mint live cd and everything else is running fine. The restricted drivers manager has the atheros driver for my D-Link DWL-G510 rev. B card enabled just like in ubuntu but it says the device isn’t enabled, also in the network manager only the wired connection for my nic card appears. I need to be able to enable my wireless card before I install Mint.

How to reinstall network manager for ubuntu with no internet connection?

I installed this program called wicd. Horrible mistake!! It wouldn’t work with my wifi. And now I can’t install network manager, because I can’t connect to the internet because wicd won’t work (nor will removing it). Wired won’t work either. i’ve googled wicd, but every webpage on the net seems to be singing its praise, which means i can’t find how to solve my proglem. Yes, i will remove the stupid program. But tell me, how do I get network manager up and running again?
I am NOT reinstalling my system.

please, i just want my wifi back!!!

p.s. the live CD will connect to the internet, which is how I’m asking this question right now. can i manipulate it to download the package to my linux home directory? (i have 7.10 gusty gibbon installed over my whole hard drive)

How do I exactly install Fedora Linux onto another partition?

I seem a little confused but, I’m running on Vista and I made a partition that is 51200 MB (50GB) in the Disk Manager and I booted up with a Live CD into Fedora 12’s Desktop. Then I ran the “Install to harddrive” or whatever that may have been and got up to the part after selecting time, if you would like more information just e-mail me at hibbywhy@gmail.com I’ll post screenshots via e-mail if you need it.

Would doing System restore but not removing data files remove a Win32 virus?

Long story short, I have a Win32 virus on WinXP SP2, and disabled task manager, command prompt, and even AVG Antivirus Free Edition. So I’m going to do a system restore, but it has two options. Normal System Restore and the “Destructive Method”. Normal system restore I guess removes all programs and files and returns to factory default, however the Destructive method apparently removes all data files created as well.

So, question: Would a Win32 virus create any data files, and if so, does that mean I should do the destructive method, or will a normal system restore remove it? I’m worried because I’m not sure if there are actually any data files worth keeping, mostly because I’m not sure what a data file is.

Also, bonus question, you don’t have to answer, but: I’m dual booting XP and Ubuntu 9.10 and I have the live cd. So I know system restore will remove the Grub menu and replace the MBR, but I wanna know if it will also delete the linux partition. or will recovery simply recover the windows partition, leave the Ubuntu one intact, and all I’d have to do is insert the Live CD and restore the grub menu to access it?
D: Thanks so much, first answerer, but also, AVG says asyncmac.sys is infected, but it can’t remove the virus because asyncmac is white-listed. Will this be an issue with the antiviruses you recommended?