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Does the Windows Vista partition of “Disk Management” work for an Ubuntu installation?

I’ve heard that this partitioning is still full of bugs – has anyone any experience running it and installing Linux on the next partition?

recover gpt protective partition?

I added an ntfs partition to my external hard drive from a puplinux live cd, and then I added some files to the original partition (which i have been using for months) on my mac system, and now windows xp doesn’t display the drive in control panel, and in the drive management menu it identifies the drive as entirely a GPT protective partition. I can still use the drive normally in os x and linux. I tried deleting the new partition, which didn’t seem to help.

Is there anyway I can get my drive to work in xp again without data loss?

Why doesn’t Windows and even Linux not detect my secondary hard drive?

I pulled out a hard drive from a dead PC my dad found thrown away and on the label it didn’t state the size of the hard drive. So I connected it to my PC to find out but Windows didn’t detect it. I went to Administrator Tools –> Computer Management –> Storage –> Disk Management and it didn’t appear there either. I searched for drivers and that didn’t work. Not even Ubuntu detected it and I even booted Ubuntu from the live CD to use GParted but not even that detected the hard drive.

What’s the problem? Is it because the hard drive is dead or something? The hard drive runs when I connect it to my computer but doesn’t appear on Windows or Linux.
No it doesn’t make any clicking noise I can only hear it spin.
Well just because a computer is in the trash doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely broken. My dad found a second one along with this one and it works perfectly fine and just needed the heatsink replaced and the replacement was from the one with the dead hard drive. They are both Pentium 4 with 512MB RAM which I upgraded the working one to 1 GB from the RAM modules from some other PC my dead found in the trash.

Ubuntu Help Linux Users?

Please help. I deleted ubuntu version 9.04 after i dual booted it with ubuntu and windows vista (partition in my hard drive) and i deleted that just like that from the disk management. After i rebooted, there was a message GRUB ERROR 17. Please help me .. I have a live cd for ubuntu, i know very little about terminal commands. pleaseeeee help

Urgent! GRUB Error 22!?

Ok so i was just uninstalling Ubuntu Linux cause my GPU has no drivers that linux can use. So i went onto vista then to disk management, and i deleted the Ubuntu partition and merged the free space with Vistas partition.

I restarted and tried to boot up but i got an Error message that says:
Grub error 22
(or something along those lines)

I do have the live CD (thaats how im here)
I also have Acer Factory Recovery CDs but they didnt help AT ALL!

Im panicking rly badly right now!
what do i do to get Vista back up!

Idc about Ubuntu i just want vista back!

My computer is an Acer Laptop
Windows Vista Home Premium

Idc if it erases everything, whatever it takes,


* 2 hours ago
* – 4 days left to answer.

Additional Details
I do not have a Vista Os CD

I herd something about SuperGrubDisk but i have no clue how that works…

2 minutes ago
I cannot Acess vista, or control pannel, and the Live CD of Ubuntu from what i know, cannot help me very much other than give me a Temporary OS to run off of.