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How do I dual boot Ubuntu 8.10 on a macbook using bootcamp? ?

I made a partition using bootcamp and I booted the ubuntu 8.10 live cd. When I get to the partition part in the installation, it says it might delete the windows boot loader. Does linux think that this is the windows boot loader but it actually is the mac boot loader or am I doing everything right?

Linux for an extreme beginner???

I am interested in learning the basics of linux. Im interested in setting up my own web server and mail server. However I have no idea where to start. Im really confused with all the types of installations. Where do you suggest I start? Live CD I guess is the best way. I have a box with nothing on it at home. But I also have a macbook here at school with me running parallels windows xp so i guess I could download a live cd and run it in the virtual machine windows for practice I wont have to worry about running my mac because it is running virtually right?

If someone could help me out and give me an idea of what route to go and where to find the basics of Linux that would be fantastic.

Thanks so much

How do I install ubuntu 7.04 on my intel macbook pro? Preferably using a boot cd.?

Specifically, I want to try ubuntu on my macbook pro and have heard that I can use a live cd to do so. However all the tutorials I have found are very out of date. How do I do this? Or if I did want to dual boot, how would I? I mostly want to experiment with Linux and am very intrigued by ubuntu and want to give berryl a try. What can I do?

Can you boot up a MacBook, the white one, from a CD?

like if you have a linux live cd or something can you boot it up from that? do you just put in the disk and start it up or do you put in the disk, turn it on and hold the alt option key?

Can someone explain the difference between Linux and VMWare Fusion?

I am getting a MacBook Pro and I am wanting to use PC programs on it aswell. Thats the reason for me wanting to get VMWare Fusion to allow me to use PC software on my mac.

However Im learning about Linux which is another Operating system, but do you have to use Fusion in order for me to use Linux.

This is the way im currently understanding:

-My mac uses OSX
-In order for me to use PC SOftware, im going to have to use a virtual machine (FUsion) and then install Windows XP/Vista allowing me to use PC Software
-(If im correct up to this point, this where i get a bit confused) In order for me to use Linux I have to do the same create another Virtual machine and then use that to run Linux??? If this is the case then why cant you run linux of a Live CD or USB stick???

Is Linux an operating system just like Windows XP/Vista???

Clarification would be most appreciated!