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is linux os better then windows?

i have a lot of problems with windows (I’m using win xp sp2-updated) and i heard that linux os is much better then windows :) can u tell me pls why? 😀

Linux questions, please help!?

My computer right now is in pretty bad shape. I had XP on it, but it somehow downgraded itself to Windows 98, and there are a lot of problems with the programs and some .DLL and kernel files. I had this before when I upgraded to Windows XP, they went away, and now they are back.
I was wondering about downloading Linux as a main OS, but I’ve read so many things about Linux that I don’t know if my computer would be able to handle the download/new OS. Do you think my computer by the sounds of it could handle it? Since it had the same problems when I upgraded to XP? What are the system requirements?
Also, would Linux work with like AIM, and my Verizon Internet? Also in order to do a live CD, I have Nero. Would I be able to do a live CD off of Nero and a blank regular CD?
Any information like this would be really appreciated.
Thanks for anyone who takes their time and answers me!

Sound problem on Ubuntu?

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Ubuntu so I decided to try it live CD. I liked the interface since it was different so I decided to do a duel boot with Windows XP. I installed all the updates for Ubuntu and even got my ATi Radeon 9550 working which I was happy about, but when it came to my sound card there was no driver. I have a Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 which I bought back when XP first came out because XP didn’t support the old AWE32 series until later. Well the card has drivers for Windows 98SE and XP but no Linux :( I hate having to buy sound cards because of OS changes and not because of a defect. I saw that there are drivers for the PCI128 which was a lower series than my card, so why no PCI512? Did my sound card fall through the crack between the PCI128 and Audigy series for Linux?

CD-Rom’s are not read by my CD Drive?

On my computer, and my brother’s computer, our CD Drives do not read Memorex CD-R’s, which I bought a lot of, so how could I fix this? Is my driver outdated? Can I download an update?

I was going to use this CD, (700 MegaBytes) as a Live CD, or Boot Up CD, for Linux Ubuntu, so it is pretty important I fix this.

Also, I have a USB Keyboard, when I re-boot into safe mode, I cannot use it to choose new settings, how could I fix this? 😮