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What would be the difficulties between Windows and Ubuntu Linux for the migrating Windows user?

I wish to migrate to Ubuntu 8.04, because I think it would benefit my programming education, and I would get some needed computer literacy skills, but I believe I’ll have problems with Linux from the first time I booted the Live CD – no, it’s not about my files – I don’t have much to migrate:

1: Are there Linux versions of Adobe software? Will I be able to use Photoshop?

2: What’s the difference between a GNU freeware CD Burner and a shareware version of Nero? Will I be able to do the same actions with Linux as I will with Windows?

3: Does Linux have problems connecting with WiFi? I’m used to the Windows Vista Wireless connection setup application, so to me, I don’t know any other way to connect than just press a few buttons.

4: Will I have the same ease of use with Linux as I will with Windows? Will I be able to play DVDs and CDs? Will I still be able to use iTunes?

5: What are the limits of WINE? Can I run World of Warcraft, .exe files, and Second Life?

Sorry, I’ve been brainwashed by Windows :D.
6: Can I change the system language and typeset as freely as I do in Windows?
7: How often do errors occur in Linux? Will I finally be given a break from the everyday errors that I simply have to shake my head to?
rodro.bistri: Well, at the moment, it’s hard to choose a best answer… but since you asked nicely, and there’s one top contributer posting – I’ll consider you :D.

How to retrieve files on HDD using Ubuntu Live CD?

My computer wont boot up. Before I try to fix it, I want to backup some important files off my hard drive. They say you can do this by booting up with a Linux live cd and going into the hard drive from there. But when I go into Places->Computer my hard drives arent there. The only drives I see there are my DVD burner and “filesystem”
Im using a ubuntu 7.04 live cd. What am I doing wrong?

How do you install linux on a computer that doesn’t have an OS on it?

I’ve been trying to install various dists of linux on my old pc that doesnt have an OS on it [ubuntu,opensuse,fedora] none of them seem to work. I’ve been using Live Cd’s and am wondering do i need to use “installation cd’s” to install it on a computer without an operating system? If so can someone walk me through it [note* i only have blank cd’s no blank dvds]

help! I’ve got some questions on Linux Ubuntu. Help me?

You see, I just received the Ubuntu free (live) CD 7.10. I’m using it right now as Live. It’s pretty cool!

But there’re some doubts

– why there’s no sound?
– is it false impression, or my graphic resolutions are lower, even though my laptop supported the Extra option on Desktop visual effects? (I always used XP Professional and the characters looked better than now.)
– are Ubuntu and XP Pro equals with regards to internet.. viruses?

Please, try not to use techy terms. I’m lay, you know.

Tnx in advance to you all! And UBUNTU: humanity to others.

, you know,

Is there a Linux Live CD that can run a defrag on NTFS partitions?

Is there a Linux Live CD that can run a defrag on NTFS partitions? I would like to be able to boot into a Linux graphical environment and run diagnostics on Windows NTFS partition, particularly defrag and chkdsk. I know there is BartPE to create a bootable XP CD but I would prefer a Linux disk. Thanks