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how do you hardening a linux system?

especially, the web server, mail server, and the DNS server?

linux installing?

when installing linux the following error occurs:
an error has ocurred- no valid devices were found on which to create a new file systems please check your hardware for the cause of the problem.
i think its because i forgot to make partitions. Can anyone help me step by step how can i make a partition for linux. thank you.
well, i am installling redhat 7.0 and i restart my computer ,everything except for the part of the erro which showed after i clicked on “automatically make a new partition” i already have partition magic but dont know how to make a partition for linux, thanks

Which Linux OS is sutiable for 166Mhz Intel Notebook?

I have Tosiba 300 CDT sattelite Laptop. i want linux for it.
Where can i download them ?

Download DS Linux to a CD?

I need to download damn small linux in to a CD. I have gone through the above link
and there are “Current Full Mirror List:”. when I click the first one there are list of directories I can see.
My question is,
1. How do I proceed from that??
2. How Do I make a Linux executable CD and burn it??

Where to get linux?

I just bought a new computer, and since I don’t really use the other one anymore, I was wanting to see what all this Linux buzz is about and install it on my old computer. Which version is the best, and where would I get it?