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Which Linux OS is sutiable for 166Mhz Intel Notebook?

I have Tosiba 300 CDT sattelite Laptop. i want linux for it.
Where can i download them ?

Decent laptop for man on budget.. help!?

Hello. I am looking for a laptop under $700 (actually, $600 hopefully), and it’s slim pickin’s out there. I would use it to do computer journaling (as opposed to writing), tinker and view digital images, listen to music, etc. I’d like it to have a full gig of ddr2 memory, a hard drive over 80gb, burn dvd’s and cd’s, Vista home basic is sufficient, etc I looked at a Dell Inspiron, had it configured to cost $689… but Dell KILLS you with overpriced extended warranty. I need input soon please. Thank you.

Please Help!!?

My sister in law gave me her laptop to change her anti virus ( I put in Norton 2007). It is an IBM Thinkpad !!!
Now that I have done this Windows XP just wont start back up!!
I removed Avg and Reg Doc from it what have i done and can I fix this ?????
It wont even start up in safe mode or last known good configuration……. argh!!
xp logo comes up and tries to start then options for starting uo in safe mode…. last know good config or start up normally what ever one you choose it comes back to this and windows just wont star up at all…..

windows vista upgrade…?

i want to revamp my desktop, im thinking about getting a dual core 64 bit cpu and motherboard. i have windows xp x64 pro that i have for my laptop.
can i use that version of windows to start on my desktop and just buy the vista upgrade, and avoid buying the whole vista operating system?

will linux run on my laptop???

hi im buying this laptop and want to run linux on it….but my parents set up a time control program called kidswatch on it. will linux still run or will kidswatch block it??