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What is the best kind of Linux,?

I’m currently a Windows XP Pro user,
and i want to try something new,
i don’t want to go completely away from XP
Just when i’m bored i want to use Linux,

I don’t even know a slights thing about

I have a pc with 128mb of ram, and an 2.2ghz processor

Ya i know its not the greatest thing but i live with it.

Also something that fits into a cd
or i could order one for free

I am reinstalling my Windows XP Pro, but my product key is nowhere to be found, can I get the key via Linux?

I cannot boot into Windows, so I was just going to reformat and reinstall, but I can boot into Knoppix (Linux) from a live CD, so is there any kind of application or method I can use to retreive the product key to reinstall Windows?

Questions on installing Linux/Ubuntu on computer that has Win xp already.?

I would like to give this a try, I kind of like Ubuntu after using the live cd.

Whats the best way to do this…I want to keep XP and Ubuntu/Linux on the same machine.

Here’s what I have
2 hard drives
1 30gb with XP on it
1 150gb just with file storage on it

How do I do this, just start up the ‘install’ icon from the live CD? Do I need to do anything special? Should I put linux on the 150gb drive that has no OS on it currently?

How do I get the computer to let me choose Linux or XP upon start up? Can this even be done?

Thanks in advance for your help, and feel free to post links to help files on this if you have them!

I’m trying make a live cd or start up cd for linux?

what kind of cd do I need to burn a copy?

i lost my password but i tried using safe mode but thats dosent work is their another way to get back to my pc

i am currently using ubuntu which is a kind of linux and its a live cd and it dosent ask for my password to get in the computer but i did it becasue i forgott my password to my windows xp proffesional edition sp2 and i tried using safe mode but it says some thing like we appolagize for the inconvinience and something else but i am sure 100% its not a virus becasue i had an anti virus and firewalls and anti spies but its just that i for gott it can some one tell another way to log in

answer this question correctly and ill pick you as the best answer