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Linux Ubuntu…. HELP!!!?

see, i got hte live CD thing from hte ubuntu linux website, and when i put it to a CD “burn image tool, it was fine and all…. but this morning when i tried it out, it loaded and everything, but when i click try live cZd it loaded but froze midway, and then the screen went black and my monitor’s light was going on and off, like it was on standby or something… HELP mE


How do you get an ISO Image onto a disc, and then use it to install Linux?

The version is Damn Small Linux, or sometimes referred to as DSL. I have a CD burner, CD-R, and the ISO on my desktop, but even using Express Burn, no sucess. When I find out how to do that, how is it that I start using the Linux OS? Its supposedly a live CD, which makes me wonder, when you save something, where does it go? Or is Linux a web browsing only OS? Whatever it is, it isnt Windows, so i would like to figure out how to use it! :)

how to run linux live cd in xp sp2 from virtual drive??

how to run linux live cd from windows xp sp2 by mounting iso image in the demon tool without any virtual machine

What’s the name of a free .iso image burner for Mac OS 10? Where can I find it?

Hi, I need an .iso image burner for Mac OS 10 – im having a really hard time finding one. It was easy to find one for windows though, i have infra recorder for xp but I dont think it will work on a mac…. Can anyone please tell me where I can find a free .iso image burner like infra recorder or something equivalent for Mac OS 10 it’s kind of important because I’m trying to make a live linux cd to save my computer but only the working computer that has the ability to burn cd’s is a mac, so theres my trouble… any help would be much appreciated, thank you!