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Fedora Linux 13 Beta 32bit KDE Live CD Screencast Review

Review style Screencast video of Fedora Linux 13 Beta 32bit KDE edition Live CD Open Source GNU/Linux Operating System. I demo this OS inside VirtualBox Virtual Machine inside of Kubuntu Linux 9.10. My conclusion is that Fedora is not easy to use or ready for the desktop or laptop masses of everyday uses, it is still just for geeks in server rooms, in my opinion. Fedora Jesse Keating has announced the availability of the beta release of Fedora 13: The beta release is the last important milestone of Fedora 13. Only critical bug fixes will be pushed as updates leading up to the general release of Fedora 13, scheduled to be released in the middle of May. A universe of new features for end users: automatic print driver installation; desktop enhancements – the Shotwell photo manager, Deja-dup backup software, Pino Identi.ca / Twitter client, and Simple Scan scanning utility; NetworkManager improvements include better Mobile Broadband, Bluetooth, and new CLI abilities; color management; enhanced iPod functionality; experimental 3D graphics support extended to free Nouveau driver for NVIDIA cards….” Original video production by the www.OSGUI.com Tech Show.