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linux questions regarding downloading and installing programs?

i just downloaded linux and dont have any idea how to use it but im getting bored of windows so i thought of trying linux. i want to update my firefox though and when i download it, i dont know how to install it.

How can I reformat a Linux live CD for a mini-DVD?

As I mentioned in a question a while ago, I want to spread around some live disks of a Linux distro. All the big distros’ live CDs require a full sized disk, but I only want to use 8cm ones, so I’ve had an idea.

I want to remaster the hundreds-of-megabytes CD ISO so that I can burn it to an 8cm DVD. Any info is welcome!

Also, if you’d care to opine on the commonality of DVD-ROM drives, feel free.
I didn’t think it’d work just burning a CD ISO to a DVD, it’s a good option if it will.

To answer, I want 8cm disks for two reasons. One is to carry one around in my pocket (how many times have I wished I had one!) and the other is to put them into a threefold leaflet to give to customers.

How to make surveillance of my room with webcam and live Linux CD(no hard drive)?

The idea is to watch my room or other part of my house by simply logon to a personal webpage when outside or out of the country.
The ideal would be a sort of gadget that even monitor temperature, humidity, image and stream all data online to be retrieve remotely in a different location.

How to install and use Damn Small Linux?

I have got the .iso file of Damn Small Linux-N. I am currently using Windows XP and want to try it out. How should I go about using DSL-N from here I have no idea. Please explain in simple steps. I’ve heard that it runs from a pen-drive but how? Web search has been of no use as I am very very new to Linux. What is a Live CD and how to create it???