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Drive Problems…Black Screen Error Reading: Disk Boot Failure, Insert system disk and press enter?

I built a computer and while I was carrying out a standard restart the power supply (450w) died with a loud pop and a flash! I purchased another power supply (500w) installed it, and it worked, which was a relief because it ment that the motherboard wasn’t fried. However Windows would not start, and through the BIOS I was able to determine that the computer did not detect the HDD, or the CD-RW drive that was previosly installed. Worried, I removed both drives and then installed just the HDD with a new IDE cable. Luckly, this worked, and I preceeded to install the CD-RW drive. But now the system will not boot completely and I receive an error message, but the computer now detects both drives correctly (HDD is master CD-RW is Slave) Error is as follows:
NVIDIA Boot Agent 242.0535
(c) 2001-2005 NVIDIA Corp
(c) 1997-2000 Intel Corp
[then 10 seconds later]
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting NVIDIA Boot Agent
Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter

my external hardrive is not working. PLEASE HELP??

it is a 2.5” 40 GB EXT.HDD, with USB, it is used on a XP windows. I can ear it spinning but the computer won’t read it. I HAVE changed the USB enclosure, but no luck. It seems to be a problem of the hardrive itself. What can I do? and how much will it cost?

How do I acess my files from my HDD without booting Windows?

I need to know how I can add and delete files in my HDD without using any Windows OS.

how do i install a HDD as a slave drive in order to save the info in the main HDD of the PC?

i asked earlier about saving information from a hard drive that is installed in a PC that doesnt boot. someone sugested that i should place it as a slave drive in my current PC.

Booting Without HDD??

I have a compaq armada m300 laptop, everything works, but i don’t have a hard disk. When I turn it on and try to boot from a linux live cd, or the network boot, it says “1792 error-“, and that the disk is not properly connected. I work from my flash drive, and therefore don’t need an HDD, so is there any way around this? If there isn’t, is there an HDD (any one, as I said work from my flash drive so it could be 5GB for all i care) for under $20?