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Decent laptop for man on budget.. help!?

Hello. I am looking for a laptop under $700 (actually, $600 hopefully), and it’s slim pickin’s out there. I would use it to do computer journaling (as opposed to writing), tinker and view digital images, listen to music, etc. I’d like it to have a full gig of ddr2 memory, a hard drive over 80gb, burn dvd’s and cd’s, Vista home basic is sufficient, etc I looked at a Dell Inspiron, had it configured to cost $689… but Dell KILLS you with overpriced extended warranty. I need input soon please. Thank you.

Slaved Hard Drive Problem?

I have read online several peoples probloems about slaving a hard drive, but I am still having issues with recovering files from it. Here is the set up and what I have tried.

I was running WinXP, with 2 accounts (mine and another)

I slaved my old hard drive to my new hard drive.

It recognizes the old hard drive, and anything under administrator. When I try to access my folder under docs and settings, it tells me access denied.

I tried the right click, security, and the security option is not there on my account. It does show up on the administrator account.

I also tried to just plug in the old hard drive, as the only hard drive. Changed the jumper settings, unplugged new, and started with old.

Everything goes great till I get to the screen to log in. Up through that point the mouse and keyboard work. On the sign in screen, it is muffled in color and size. My mouse and keyboard do not work.

Any help? Thanks.

Hard drive virus please help me out?

When i try to open any of my hard disc drives, a command prompt window appears & goes, but the drive doesn’t open
Actualy i can open the drive with ‘RUN’ funtion & i can access all the data but i m just not able to open it directly i think its some kind of virus, bcoz i transfered some of my file to another computer & that computer has got the same problem now

How can I install an OS on a computer that has no OS on it? Help please!?

Its a pentium 2 with 300 MHZ with 192 megabyte ram but 20 gig hard drive. PLEASE HELP

how should i install linux(any) on compaq presario v6211au?

I am trying to install RedHat-AS4 workstation,but it does not find any disk to store i mean it says it cant find any harddisk in the system ,my system has a sata 120Gb hard drive.it has windows vista home.please help.