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how can i install linspire from a live CD to my hard disk???

i have a live Cd of linspire, i wan to install it permanently to my hard disk because loading from CD-Rom is difficult can some one please give the trick to do it??

About linux os?

I am using linux os (Kubuntu) and now it says my computer hard disk is full and cannot start. So i want to check the files and remove unnecessary files through command line. When i go to command show like this grub> so i try to see files by typing dir and etc. but not in work. Any body have an experience on this regard please help me, i am not familiar more on linux.

how can i have two OS on a single hard disk without the need to format anything?

hi. i have a laptop runnign windows vista home edition, but i want install windows xp on it as well. is there anyway to do this without having to format my hard disk. if someone can give a step-by-step tutorial would be very helpful. thanks!

Hard Disk Problem?

My HD is not working suddenly. When I tried to open it, it says that it is corrupted or unreadable. What do you think is the problem and is it possible to retrieve my files inside?

Booting Without HDD??

I have a compaq armada m300 laptop, everything works, but i don’t have a hard disk. When I turn it on and try to boot from a linux live cd, or the network boot, it says “1792 error-“, and that the disk is not properly connected. I work from my flash drive, and therefore don’t need an HDD, so is there any way around this? If there isn’t, is there an HDD (any one, as I said work from my flash drive so it could be 5GB for all i care) for under $20?