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About linux os?

I am using linux os (Kubuntu) and now it says my computer hard disk is full and cannot start. So i want to check the files and remove unnecessary files through command line. When i go to command show like this grub> so i try to see files by typing dir and etc. but not in work. Any body have an experience on this regard please help me, i am not familiar more on linux.

grub error 17 the next level?

guys i was sick of windows and i switched myself to linux (granular code name esto vello) couple of months ago
i was havin windows vista and granular linux

2 days everything was fine

3rd day i got this stupid motherfucking error called

grub error 17

nothing wud boot

not even a LIVE CD

i tried everything SUPERGRUB disk

i ubuntuforum guys,granularlinux guys,they had no clue

nothing wud boot

atlast i had to format the whole thing

NOw i want to install linux again(coz am havin a subject)


and also the solution for this fucking error

ubuntu grub error 22?

okay i have ubuntu and mandriva installed and i used the live cd to take of the partition thats had mandriva on it and expanded the ubuntu partion and i also accidentally deleted a tiny partion called linux swap idk wat thats is and now i can’t boot to ubuntu

thers pics and song i absolutely love and i don’t want to looses them and they are all password protected i can’t even copy em to my pendrive

i have ubuntu 8.04 live cd
mandriva 2008 spring live cd and win xp home edition cd

all of my pic and songs is in ubuntu partion i want to keep ubuntu not mandriva

Uninstall Vista Partition?!?!?!?!?!

I have xp and vista dual boot, i never really used vista, i was on xp, and the lights flickerd and my comp turned off when it turned back on it loads but doesnt take me to the grub screen where i can choose what i want to open instead i think it tries to open vista and it just doest work and stays at the bios screen. I deleted the vista partition and it does the same thing. I want to return the boot settings so that it never knew vista was there http://www.istartedsomething.com/20060622/installing-and-uninstall-vista-beta-2-for-dual-boot-with-xp/ i found that website and i can do what it says under the uninstall part except that i can;t run xp to give it that command. Do i have to do this? Or can i just delete the files it says too.

If i need to give xp that command is there a way to manually edit the boot files from a linux live cd?
XP was the main partition

URGENT – GRUB 1.5 will not boot Windows, just installed Ubuntu Linux 8.04. Help!?

I am completely new to anything that is Linux. I just installed Ubuntu Linux 8.04 from a Live CD to my computer a few minutes ago. Now, I wanted to boot back into Windows, and GRUB 1.5 will not let me. This is what happens: I restart my computer, I choose Windows XP Media Center after GRUB 1.5 lets me pick which OS to boot, and it says “Loading” and nothing ever happens after that. There is never even an error message that pops up. Only Ubuntu will load. How do I fix this problem? I installed Linux on the same drive where Windows was. Is it still there? You don’t know HOW much I would appreciate it if somebody could tell me an easy & understanable way how to fix this. I still have my HP Recovery discs, can I use those? Please PLEASE help. I’ll give more details if it is necessary…
Everything seems to work fine with GRUB 1.5, then I select Windows XP Media Center (which is the Windows OS I have), and *correction to what I wrote earlier, It says “Starting Up” but It never does. Should I just do an HP Recovery, please help I feel like I really screwed things up please be on the line.